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Hello! I also work at a school is the ESE program. I cannot go back to work until I can walk :( i had the lapidus and bunion surgery on May 25th, also using a knee walker. I still have not been able to have my stitches, although my foot looks pretty good, still swollen but better everyday.

The worst for me is the emotional, not being able to do a whole lot. I am very active with four children who are 13 and up, thank goodness. Having to keep that foot up to prevent sweeling just sucks. I also had TONS of pain. I could not get ahead of it, but am not taking anything now. I am suppose to maybe be wb with the cam boot tomorrow, we'll see. I have kind of tried it with crutches, I'm terrified. Not sure I'll ever have the other foot done. The recovery for this surgery is truly shocking. I have fallen a few times even with knee walker, just flukes, so ow i am super careful.

Suppose to return to work Aug. 14, and i am on my feet all day with the job I do. From everything I have read, there is swelling and pain for up to a year. I am so discouraged and terrified!!


I am also a teacher. June 22, I had the lapidus procedure plus hammertoe plus relaxing my Achilles tendon (incision in calf). So what I had was more extensivie but the lapidus is the biggie.

I recommend getting as much pain medication as you can. I was stoic and was shocked how painful it was. I had oxycodone at first which was not enough. I finally got dilaudid which was lovely. The most important thing is to take it on a schedule and stick to it. I "got behind' the pain which made me miserable. I transitioned to Tylenol after 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, I was pretty much off of it.

Almost 6 weeks later I am still using the knee walker. Get one with brakes and a basket. You can handle anything except stairs. (I crawl up the stairs at my house.) Monday I begin weight-bearing!

My townhouse has 3 levels. I have 2 office chairs that I borrowed from school. I rest my knee on the seat and push off with my good foot. I also use my one or both of my hands on the back of the chair. I have never gotten the hang of crutches. With my system, I can carry things around the house. I use a backpack a lot.

I don't remember if you said what grade you teach. I teach MS. I will be going back for meetings/prep in 2 weeks and teaching in 3. I am 15 years older than you so factor that. I think you will be still be tired aft three weeks. Deputize as many jobs to students. I will be having a couple of students meet me at school every morning to carry things.

So, here are my recommendations: #1 First 2 weeks: take your drugs and keep your foot up. #2 Get a knee walker and couple of wheelie office chairs
#3 Ask for help from students and everyone else.

Good luck.[/QUOTE]

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