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Below are the details of the bunion surgery March 29th on my right toe due to chronic pain. I was released from the doctor on May 25th.

Since my release date of 5/25... I made an appointment for Aug. 3rd due to continued pain and swelling around the surgical area. Doctor said my bones had not healedhe said he,[U] 'should have' put in a screw and he 'may have' overcorrected the toe' and [B]it was just 'my bad luck'[/B].[/U] He sent me for a CT Scan.

My follow-up appointment is this Friday 8/13. Summary of scan:
[U]"There is a chevron-type osteotomy at the hallux metatarsal withoua a prominent pattern of new bone formation. There are 2 questionable arease of early bridging across the osteotomy site, but overall the pattern suggests a delayed union."[/U]

3/29 Surgery
3/30 Follow-up only non weight bearing x-rays
4/14 Follow-up only non weight bearing x-rays
4/20 Follow-up only non weight bearing x-rays
4/27 Follow-up only non weight bearing x-rays
5/25 Final Follow-up and discharge
8/3 New appointment due to pain/swelling both weight bearing and non-weight bearing x-rays
8/6 CT Scan
8/13 Appointment with doctor for followup on the CT Scan results.

[B]Is this negligence on his part for not doing the surgery properly and/or releasing me when the bones had not healed?[/B]

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