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I had an Austin bunionectomy 4-1/2 weeks ago. I wore a surgical sandal for 3 weeks and was on crutches for the first 2 weeks. Three weeks postop, I had my dressing removed, and I could wear a tennis shoe or sandal. When I got home from having my dressing removed (3 weeks postop), I noticed a hard lump on the BOTTOM of my foot just behind my little toe. I canít feel it on carpet and can barely feel it with shoes on, but it feels like a rock in foot when walking barefoot on a hard floor. This did not go away, so I saw the podiatrist who performed my bunionectomy today. He told me that the lump is a tailorís bunion. He said I was probably walking on the left side of my foot to take pressure of the right side of my foot. I told him that I wasnít. He said that I probably had the tailorís bunion before I had the bunionectomy. I told him that I had no symptoms whatsoever of a tailorís bunion before my surgery. I had an x-ray 1 week postop that did not show a tailorís bunion. The nurse x-rayed my foot before I left, but the doctor did not look at the x-rays while I was there. I talked to the nurse later on the phone and expressed my concern that this was not a tailor's bunion, since tailor's bunions are on the side of the foot and the hardened area is more on the bottom of my foot. She said that the doctor looked at the x-ray and that it is definitely a tailor's bunion. My question is, can a tailorís bunion develop that quickly, and can a tailorís bunion present with symptoms on the bottom of the foot rather than the side of the foot? The doctor also said that it could just go away (which I find hard to believe if it really is a bunion) or he could inject it with cortisone if it becomes painful. Any insight from someone with a similar problem would be greatly appreciated.
No, it wasn't there before the surgery. I was on crutches for 2 weeks postop and out of my surgical shoe by the third week. It is not a corn. I feels like I am walking on a marble under my little toe.

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