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Hello everyone! I just wanted to get some outside opinions on what's going on with my foot.

So I trained for a half marathon last year in March...there was a little pain in my foot after some of the longer runs but not too much so I didn't think anything of it. Then this year I began training for a marathon in January but had to stop a week into training because of the pain.

I got x-rays and they discovered I had a bunion. They sent me to PT to help with the pain and PT put me in a boot and I went to weekly appointments. Then, out of nowhere my foot popped one night when I was doing my bunion exercises and I couldn't walk the next day and my foot was so swollen that you couldn't see any bones or veins. Just puffyness.

So I ended up going to a foot specialist and he ordered an MRI which showed that one of my sesamoids in my left foot is completely shattered, the other sesamoid in that same foot is fragmented into two pieces, I have fluid in my joint, and I have a bunion. All in the same foot! I have been in a puzzle shoe for over a month now, been on and off crutches and I am getting orthodics next month. None of the special boots or shoes has worked for me and even crutches don't help. So my current specialist is now sending me to another specialist who can hopefully do something to help me out. I think the reason he is sending me to this new specialist is because the new one is a surgical foot and ankle orthopedic doctor whereas my old doctor is a nonsurgical doctor.

So I guess I just want to get some information on the surgery, whether or not I should get it, if I'll be able to run ever again? One of my life goals is to run a marathon... I have read some success stories but I feel I have read a lot of unsuccessful stories as well. Any input would help a ton, thank you!

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for what I can do to workout right now?? I can't bike because it hurts too bad, I obviously can't run, and I have a sublexated rib cage right now as well so I can't do any weightlifting. Would swimming be a good alternative?

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