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Hi Lily,
This is my first post. I am from Australia, and had toe fusion surgery on my right big toe four weeks ago, by an orthopaedic surgeon. Perhaps my experiences will give you a perspective on that.
About two years ago I had two relatively minor toe injuries (nothing broken). After experiencing intermittent pain and swelling over several months, I saw a Doctor who diagnosed arthritis and prescribed painkillers (and learning to live with it as part of growing old - Yeah, right! I'm 49.) Six months later I saw a second doctor - same diagnosis, different painkillers, but he suggested in the long term I would probably need surgery (implant/fusion). I never went back to him, I wasn't ready for that. After a year or so, the increasing and more frequent pain led me to the third doctor who took new xrays (arthritis and a bone spur) and suggested cheilectomy, referring me to an orthopaedic surgeon. Unfortunately, I had left it too long - the xrays and the now very limited range of motion in my big toe indicated fusion as my remaining option. My private health insurance covered the majority of my fees.
My toe now has two screws in it. Post surgery, I am not suffering much pain provided I don't walk around very much. I have a small cast that covers my toe and half my lower foot, and soft crepe bandages over that. This will come off in two weeks. When I walk, I have to wear a surgical shoe (and will have to continue wearing this for the next ten weeks).
Like you, my initial consultation with the surgeon was not long, but covered everything it needed to. He inspired my confidence, and this has been confirmed since. I am happy with my choice of surgeon.
I have no personal experience of podiatrists.
I hope this is helpful to you (and not more information than you needed!) I am sure you will make the right decision for [I]you[/I]. :wave:

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