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Trying to postpone any surgery on my right big toe hallux (stage 3) I decided to have a cortisone shot two days ago. It was done in my ortho med doc office. I had no pain for 12 hours but then the most horrible pain started (could be compared to my labor time many years ago), and to make my story short I ended up in an emergency room in the middle of the night screaming from pain. They gave me a narco shot, I took it very bad, could not eat for another 24 hours. 48 hours passed from the time of cortison injection but I still have a pain (though much less) in my arch and can't wear any shoes at all. This is my first experience with any foot problems and I have no idea what it is, what to do, and what kind of decisions to make. This doc was my second opinion one but I liked his personality more than my first one who spent with me 5 min., made me to take tons of x-rays and MRI to tell me that the only option I had was an immediate fusion or implant.
My new doc said that my x-rays looked better than MRI (?!) which sounded perfect for me but again I cannot understand it.
Are there anyone with any experience about cortison shot in a big toe with hallux rigidus? Thanks!
I had a cortisone shot in my big toe joint and it was painfree and worked almost immediately. I think a lot of that was the exceptional skill of the doctor. Sadly it only lasted a few months. The doctor who did the injection left town before I could get another shot, and the one who replaced him would not do another injection. I ended up getting the joint fused on October 28, 2009. I should have done that at the beginning. It was really scary to proceed with that option, but for me it was the best choice. I am now walking miles with no problem. It is still a little tender, which I understand will be the case since it takes a good year to heal. Actually, the tenderness is so little that I can consider it essentially pain free.

Good luck with your foot and I hope you find some relief soon.

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