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I am having this surgery next week. I am looking for advice/tips for after the surgery. How did you handle the first few days after the surgery? How bad was pain. What should I expect?
Did you find things that made life easier during your recovery? How did you manage day to day stuff?

I've never been in a cast before and am wondering how I am going to get along not being able to walk/drive!!!
I am hoping you are getting good news this morning! Did the pain lesson? Pain is so subjective. My doc was surprised that I had stopped the meds so quickly. But I was in such agony BEFORE the surgery that any pain I felt after was much less than I had been experiencing previously. He said that the tendon sheath was so distorted by fluid that removing the sheath had stopped the biggest reason for the pain-swelling and inflammation.

Did you get a hard cast? It is funny to see how docs treat this regionally. My doc is a sports medicine podiatrist-used to working with sports teams (here on the west coast). He has me in a removable air cast, and I only have to wear it if I am out and about. Otherwise, I am just in the surgical dressing, still icing to alleviate the amaaaazing bruising underneath the stitch line. I am NWB till stitches come out, at least. My doc prefers to hand out dribbles of info based on each visit, rather than a blanket "you will be off your feet x number of weeks".

BUT, remember, your surgery wound up being more extensive than mine, so your after effects are bound to be different.

I could not bear the thought of dragging myself up the stairs yesterday, so opted for a sponge bath in the bathroom, and washed my hair in the kitchen sink! I rolled the computer chair over to the sink, and balanced my left (wounded ankle) knee on the chair. Pretty easy, with much less trauma than stairs plus shower!:D

Let us hear how your visit went!
At the doctor today they gave me details about what they did and explained that the deep throbbing pain that started yesterday is from the muscle that they "cleaned up." He said this is normal and may continue for a couple of days. He also said it could have been that late after surgery due to my nerve block. Here's what I found out:
1. One tendon was completely flattened so he repaired it.
2. The other tendon was badly torn so he removed the damaged part and sewed the ends together.
3. The muscle was damaged/inflamed. He said "mushy" so he cleaned that up by removing the yucky part.
4. There was a nerve where it shouldn't be on the outside of my foot, which explains the horrible pain I had in my foot pre-op. I never had pain in my ankle really. So, he put the nerve back where it should be in the fatty tissue in my foot.
5. There was a lot of synovitis that he cleaned up.
6. He shortened the ligament to hold everything in place better.

I did not get a hard cast yet. It was still too swollen and painful. I almost passed out from the pain during the xrays. I go back next Friday for a hard cast. He says 4 weeks minimum but we will see at 4 weeks what comes next, another cast or a boot. He said he likes to be conservative in the casting/healing. I'm all for that. I will do whatever he tells me as I want this to heal properly!

He gave me more pain meds (Nucynta) and told me to continue to elevate and ice it. He said I could go back to work next week if I wanted but recommends I wait until I have a hard cast just in case I should bump it. I will probably try to go back part time and then work from home the rest of the time. I am fairly new to the company and don't want them to think I am milking the time off! Luckily, I can work from home.

Keep me posted on your progress. I

After being out and about a little bit today I am VERY happy I rented the knee scooter! That thing is going to save my life!! Thanks to that, the not walking will be's the no driving until almost the end of the year that will be killer!!!
In July of 09 my I was sitting on the floor with my legs out straight and my 2 year old son fell on my foot. At the time I was a teacher and when I went back to work in the fall the pain got worse. I was treated for tendonitis and wore a brace for most of last school year. This summer I had an MRI and it showed a tear so they put me in a boot. After 8 weeks in that thing it was not any better so I went to see the surgeon. I left teaching and started a new career this summer and I sit most of the time now so I'll be ok at work.

Yes, the knee scooter was a little expensive but since I will be NWB through most of what is left of this year it was a necessity! You are lucky to have lots of people to help you!
I am having peroneal tendon issues, and hope either of you are still monitoring this discussion.

I would like to know what your symptoms were before you had the surgery. I ask because my physio thinks I have a tendon tear (she thinks the peroneal longus), but I "passed" the tendon tests at the ortho. My physio said that can happen if only one tendon is torn as the other tendon "takes up the slack." I have lots of swelling and tenderness at the lateral ankle, behind it and below it, and under the cuboid. I also have a "rock" feeling under the cuboid, but I think it's the os peroneum (which may also have to be dealt with), but this hasn't been confirmed by the doctor yet. Despite anti-inflammatories, physio (ultrasound, interferential treatment, massage, ice), sitting with my foot up, etc., the swelling is not going down in the ankle area at all.

I sustained this after rolling my ankle when stepping off a curb. Broke the base of my 5th met, which took 11-12 weeks to heal, but this has been there all along as well.

The ortho thought tendinitis when I was released from the boot at 12 weeks, and I did have a bit of that on the inside ankle, etc., but that's all cleared up. Just left with extreme tenderness behind the ankle, swelling like nobody's business, pain, and I'm still on crutches most of the time as it get so sore.

I'm hoping the CT scan shows something and it can get fixed quickly. This is way too long to be off work. (I work in a school, on my feet all day, and am in agony after an hour of being on my foot, so can't work.) I'm so worried the scan won't show what's wrong, or that it'll be something I just have to live with.

I'm too young to feel this old.
[QUOTE=michlei;4791297]I have had an MRI and it didn't show a tear (though there might be one as has been mentioned). I do however have significant tenosynovitis, and my surgeon has booked me to have it cleaned out. I will be in a cast or half cast for 2 weeks, NWB, and then in a cast or boot for 4 weeks, PWB. He said it will take up to 3 months for it to be totally healed.

I don't know my date yet, but hope it's soon as I don't want to be on crutches in the winter again.[/QUOTE]

i had surgery yeasterday and im up on my feet iv a walking boot pains ok yes it will take weeks to fully recover but im just glad i can get up stiches are pinching but other then that im fine im resting alot dont want to over doit but i can weight bear with boot on so my stiches will come out in two weeks i tauth the pain was going to be really bad but so far one day post op and im doing good im tired but good anything is better then pre op i was in really bad pain last night was my first night to sleep without pain in a very long time iv no cast or cruches just my boot so im happy my doc is brill really is quicker u can weight bear the better just surport ur ankle yes most people i talked to were in cast but my doc hear in dublin dose not agree he has never used them for tendons and all his pataints hav walked from day one out off boot by four weeks and normal after that surport is the main key i think iv harly any pain just the pinching off stiches but thats good as it means its healing but i am only one day post op we will see tomo maby ha but hopfully they will sort u soon

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