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Hello everyone. I came across this forum a couple of weeks ago whilst searching the web trying to find some new shoes! I’ve been a very ‘lonely’ sufferer for years. Obviously I would not wish a calcaneus fracture on my worst enemy ~ but it’s been good to read about the experiences of others who have suffered the injury. I have never actually spoken to anyone who has had a calcaneus fracture and am reluctant to consult my doctor.

I suffered my calcaneus fracture almost 10 years ago. I came of a motorcycle and slid feet-first down the road and into the kerb, crushing the calcaneus in my right foot (and breaking some ribs).

Things went far from smoothly at the first hospital ~ to the extent that I tried to discharge myself after 4 days. That ‘escape attempt’ resulted in a transfer to a different hospital where there was an orthopaedic ward and so at that point I did receive some treatment ~ they were surprised the initial hospital had not had my foot elevated ~ and gave me nice coffee every day and regular torturous ‘iceboots’! It was explained there could be no surgery as the heel was pulverised and that sometime in the future the pain would get so bad that I would need to have a subtalar fusion. (I was full of painkillers at the time and have limited recollection of what the doctor told me).

When I was discharged home it was without a cast and with instructions to keep moving my foot around to encourage the bits of bone to reform in the right place. I also had district nurses coming to see me daily as there were a couple of fracture blisters that needed to be cleaned and re-dressed.

Some time down the line I was prescribed orthotic inserts but struggled with them both in terms of getting them to fit inside shoes and also discomfort it caused to the sole of my foot. I also had a brace for support but really struggled with that.

After three or four years I had to stop taking anti-inflammatory tablets as I was having stomach problems.

Over the last 9 years I have only asked my doctor (GP) once for help ~ about three years ago. I had been struggling with pain and wondered if it was time to try orthotics again. The doctor referred me to a podiatrist ~ who did not prescribe orthotics but instead advised me to exercise ~ and left me with the impression I had wasted her time. I’ve not spoken to my doctor about it since then. I just get a repeat codeine prescription every few weeks, put ice packs and ibuprofen gel on it every evening, keep it elevated when I can and use a ‘thumper’ massager on it.

I actually have very little idea what has actually happened to my heel and ankle. It was a long time ago and I was full of painkillers at the hospital. (When I returned to the hospital a few weeks later for review my crutches slipped on a wet floor and my weight landed on my foot ~ so I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention by the time the doctor saw me!).

Again, I’ve been struggling with pain recently ~ or have been a bit more aware of it ~ hence my search on the web for new shoes and footbeds. Current issues are many and varied really:

• The angle of my foot is such that I walk on the outside edge of my heel. I can’t put any pressure on the forefoot…but it’s impossible to move off my heel without some pressure being put on my forefoot.
• There’s a fracture blister indentation and scar just above the outside edge of my heel. It stings ~ like a naked flame is being held against it. So, the one part of my foot that I can walk on is right next to that scar and aggravates the stinging.
• About 1cm into the ankle joint area there’s a sensation like digging a fingernail into the side of your thumb. That’s a constant sensation but to differing extents. It feels like there’s an obstruction there causing this sensation ~ so when my foot bends forward as I move off my heel it feels like this obstruction is digging into tissue. Sometimes the obstruction feels small; other times it feels bigger.
• Every now and again, at least half a dozen times a day, when I put weight on my foot it feels like an electric shock coming up from my ankle; or like I’ve got an ice axe buried in there! At that point what happens next is up in the air ~ anything in between the next step being okay and it continuing to do it and I end up having to stand there and wait ~ or hop somewhere on my good foot.
• My entire foot feels bruised...some areas sometimes worse that others plus intermittent waves of of pain.
Both sides of ankle often have burning sensations and swelling up ridiculously.

I have many many pairs of shoes already. Some have hardly been worn because they turned out to be so uncomfortable. All are vastly oversize. I have size 8 (UK) feet ~ most of my trainers are size 11 (UK) although I have a couple of larger pairs. It’s not just width where I struggle; I cannot cope with any pressure on the top of my foot from the tongue of the shoe. Essentially, my foot feels constantly bruised and so I buy shoes that are way too big so they don’t place pressure of the metatarsal bones.

I need formal-ish shoes for work and bought a pair of New Balance MW901 (4E) by mail order last week and was really quite chuffed ~ the first pair of shoes I had bought for 10 years which actually fit. But, having tried them out for a couple of days I was struggling with them putting pressure on the metatarsal bones, especially as the day went on and my foot became increasingly swollen. So, not quite right but nevertheless I am quite optimistic as I will be getting a pair of 4E or 6E New Balance trainers in the near future and, as they will have a softer tongue I expect them to be fantastic for out of office hours….fingers crossed.

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