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OK, has anyone had problems moving their toes back and forth 2+ weeks after surgery? I can move all 4 of my small toes back and forth manually with my hand. I can move my big toe very slightly (about 1/2 inch), but if I push down its quite painful.

When trying to flex on my own, I can only move the toes a millimeter or two.
The problem is the big toe. (As far as I can tell from practicing on my good foot, you cannot flex your small toes without also flexing your big toe. So because I cannot flex my big toe on my hurt foot, I cannot flex any toes on that foot.)

Sorry for what is probably a confusing description. I think I might have significant nerve damage, but was wondering (hoping) that someone might have encountered the same thing and recovered. Doc is gone today so maybe someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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