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Hi there!

I had the same operation as you, on exactly the same day, last Thursday at 2.30pm here in London. Although, I didn't have hammertoe correction. It sounds like you are doing really well. I'm also doing well with my feet. Although I'm limiting my movement entirely and not even putting my feet down but sitting on my bottom and sort of pulling myself along just to get to the bathroom etc. I do look really silly!

I was told by my physio that it was best to limit time on my feet to the absolute minimum as any swelling whatsoever slows down the healing process and can lead to prolonged swelling much later down the line. I know there will always be conflicting ideas about things but I was just a bit worried when you said you were on your heels for a while, maybe it would be safer to stop standing before you notice the swelling? [FONT="Arial"][/FONT] I know it's so boring though!

My whole experience has been complicated by the fact that the skin at the back of my throat was ripped up with the intubation tube and I've been suffering with an infection. Apart from that, I'd be feeling good!

Good luck with your recovery, it would be great to compare notes and see how we both get on since we had the op on the very same day :)

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