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[QUOTE=TSP;4652193]First, let me thank you for documenting your experience with surgery. It has been very helpful to me.I am in bed right now because I can't walk, my bunion hurts that much. I had to take a week off because the pain was so bad. I'm a flight attendant and I have severe pain under the ball of my foot, near the bunion, and at the joint of my big toe. It feels like I'm walking on broken glass basically.
I had a cortisone shot in April and November this year to get me by, but it didn't last...tried orthotics, anti-inflammatories, rest, icing for the past 2 years. Now, I've finally done it and I'm having the worst pain yet. Doctor wants to schedule surgery this month, but I'm scared. Were your symptoms similar to mine? My bunions are medium sized, but I can't work-out out anymore, go to work. Also, my baby toe is starting to hurt because it is rubbing up against my shoes (I'm taking a sizing 10 now, but I'm a a size 9)Just wondering because you seem like a good source of information. I'm also scared to death of surgery, never been under the knife so I have concerns. Thanks :) Any advice greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Hi! Thanks for your questions and I'm glad that some of what I had to say has helped! You actually sound like you have worse foot pain than I did. In my opinion, you should definitely get it done. If you're someone who's happy and upbeat, and you have someone who can be around to help you for the first couple of weeks, then you should definitely consider having it done. Which foot are you experiencing pain with? My left foot hurt more than my right foot, but if my the surgery has significantly decreased the pain and problems in my left foot, I will do my right foot.
Make sure your doctor works on both the big toe area and the small toe area. You will be so happy about it and it will greatly increase the room you have in shoes if he works on both sides. Do you trust the doctor you're seeing? Have you researched him to find out how good he is at what he does? I trusted my doctor. I was SO SCARED too. I cried to my boss about it, I cried to my GP about it. I couldn't sleep because I was so scared. I questioned whether or not I should do it, I considered backing out. Even on the day of the surgery, when the nurses said "Are you ready?" I was like "I think so....". Then, one of them said, "If you don't, you'll regret it!". And she's right. If I cancelled, I would have had to rebook eventually. This was not my first surgery. But, I remember trying to get out of my first surgery (having my wisdom teeth removed). But I survivied! You just got to be tough. That's all I can say. Just do it. You will be so happy:)
I remember reading blogs from people and they weren't all that positive. Then, 2 weeks before my surgery, I read a girl's post on some site about her experience. She seemed to have such a youthful, spunky attitude about it. She was happy and realistic. Reading that was the best thing for me. I then knew that I had to be strong and go for it!
Having trust in your doctor is key. If he knows exactly what he's doing, then you will be in good hands. Listen to his instructions when you're healing and baby your foot back to health.
Before surgery, I did everything you did - cortisone shots, ice, medication, shoe lifts, buying big, wide shoes, getting my shoes punched out, buying comfort shoes, etc. Nothing helped that much and I'm young (well 29:) ) and I've got a ways to go and I want to wear all kinds of great shoes! I'm not a big high heel wearer anyways...but I will want to once in a while.
I say, go for it! It will go great! My doc's nurses said that 98% of people are happy after their surgery and the other 2% didn't listen to his instructions!! Ha, so 98% is a pretty high rate. When you go to the hospital, you rest and change and wait for a bit. The nurses are always around. The anesthesiologist will calm you...and once she puts the little needle in you, you become calm:) They tell you "Oh it's a routine surgery" because they see it done all of the time.
I hope I've answered some of your questions. I think you should go for it! Take 10 weeks off of work...and go for it. The first 2 weeks are the worst and then you start babying your foot back to health:)

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