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Update: The "rock" under my cuboid is still there, as well as pain and tenderness around the lateral ankle, though I don't get the burning up the outer leg as often. Also, the tenderness and burning on the inside ankle are pretty much gone now that I've been on anti-inflammatories and doing physio stuff. The "rock" might be a bit "duller" feeling, but it's still there, and I can't walk very far at all. Still in a men's shoe, 2 sizes too big on that foot. Having issues with the orthotic (he can't get it right -- offloaded the wrong area).

The good news is that my LTD plan is fast-tracking me for a CT scan in the next few days. I am hoping the scan shows what it needs to -- e.g. if it is something in the cuboid region, either the cuboid itself or the OS peroneum, then the CT scan will show that I hope as well as the tendon. I've asked a separate question on the board about that. If it doesn't show anything wrong, then I won't get LTD.

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