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Hello Profmia, the product I got is called 'Tight Seal" which only cost me Canadian $7.00 at the health care speciality store near my local hospital. It was basically a long (the shape of a leg) plastic bag with a verco strap which comes with it to tight up the top part of the thigh so it stays up when you bath or shower. However, I find that water still leaked in it when I shower (trying to rest my operated leg by leaning it against the shower wall), as I was still standing upright. Whereas when I was in a bath tub, I can elevate my wrapped foot by resting it at the side of the bath tub. I find that my foot stayed 100% dry and yet the rest of my body could get a nice bubble bath this way. One thing, for bathing during this time, you do need someone to help you go in and out of the bath tub, just in case anything happens and you don't want to slip during the 'getting in or 'getting out' of the tub process.

I find that with age, the healing does delay a bit. I did some postings on this forum back in March and asked around women who had this austin bunion surgery done (similar to my procedure) as to how long they were taking for healing. Those women around their 30's usually healed faster. I got 2 ladies in their 50's (one in early 50's & one almost 60), they had a difference of 'healing' time of a few weeks to just over a month. Of course, my definition here of healing is when one can walk without crutches and can perform daily basic task of driving, walking short distances, taking the transit and back to work full time (considering if the job is an admin type job which can sit for 40 to 50% of the time with a foot stool under the desk to rest up the foot - not the 100% standing jobs like a waitress or bartender). Those high demand standing jobs, some girls in their 40's told me they needed the full 3 months (about 12 weeks) off, as their jobs cannot allow them to take sitting breaks if their feet swell during the day. I had 7 weeks off, and the 8th week when I returned to work, as much as mine is an admin job, and rest my foot most of the time at my little stool, I still felt exhausted everyday when I came home. My job did not allow me to take partial hours then processed back to full time. They had been very busy during my 7 weeks off, but coworkers had done a lot for me, so I returned full time from a MOnday to a Friday for the 1st week. They had been nice to me by just giving me non-walking tasks most for the 1 weeks. Then, the 1st part of the 2nd week back (9th week post op), they still let me sit around more, and by end of end week, I am back to some walking around the office - deliveries of paperwork, printing documents etc etc. By the 3 rd week back (10th week post op) I was performing 100% of the daily work, still tired at the end of each night but more 'myself'. Definitely lots of ice packs and rest up the foot everynight since I returned to work.

By the 4th week back to work (about 1 month returned to work, 11 weeks post op (early June 2011) - I was able to rest my feet up less, do A LOT of my usual heavy duty houswork, walk longer distances around my home, going out on the weekend to see friends....

I would say, the plateau of healing slow down after you are able to work 85 to 90%, which is good as you should be able to be living your 'normal' life by then. Just the last 10 to 5% takes time to complete heal. The last portion of healing, to me, are activities like running, hiking, doing yogas, jumping up and down, or activities which demand more of the foot, those just have to wait till I feel better. Some people said the last part takes about another month or so after your 'healing' period.

So, see, there is hope, and we will all get better, just shorter for some, and slightly longer for the others. Keeping our spirits up is so important during this long healing period post-op.

Most people who underwent foot surgery told me patience is needed when come to healing. As the foot is an essential part of the human body. Someone I know who got a more serious foot & lower leg surgery done told me their lived on their crutches for 5 months, then progressed from there, couldn't walk until about 6 months - this was a way more serious case, not a bunion operation.


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