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Hi Polly, I am from Vancouver Canada, and I used to live in West Yorkshire, Leeds to attend high school during the 80's (so you can kind of know how old I am :)
I read your message - Me too, suffered from bunions on both feet. After years of letting it go and enduring the pain, I decided to deal with my R foot this Spring. I went to see a good lady foot surgeon by referral from my family doctor and this foot surgeon has been great. She is very attentive and performed the surgery with great care last Thursday, March 17 morning. I had painkillers, the 'moon boot' ankle height (much like a foot support boot with straps) and crutches all ready with me to the surgery. It went well and promply finished within 3 hours. I had to shave down my bunion bone, and insert a pin (or nail) to secure the newly adjusted big toe bone as well. So just one nail and one set of sititches to deal with for me. My L foot is bad too, but to choose one foot for now, I went for my R, at least, hope it will be done with and I'll have a good R foot. I'll see how the entire healing process goes for this R foot, then may do the L within the next few years. As I learn that the later we hold off (the more crocked are the toes) the more complicated the surgery will be.

I have shooting pain at night when the cut & nail was, but that is normal. I am taking pain killers for the night time. The day time, I am pretty much off pain killers. I am trying to wee off the night time once very soon as I don't want to reply on it. The swelling is getting better. Only some of the toes look a bit swollen to me, but I can feel the sensation overall for the whole foot. This week I have to practise moving the foot in a back and forth motion while lying down or whenever I have time, and also try to move the foot in a circle motion as much as I can. So far, from my last re-visit to my surgeon, she is happy for the progress. I am still living on crutches this week, or may be next week too. Next Mon 3/28, I'll be back for 2nd visit - I pray that the stitches are ready to come out, and I 'dream' that she can even remove the nail - otherwise, the nail has to stay for another week - which brings us to early April's visit. I am trying to keep my feet up with cushions whenever I am in my waking hours, and for sleeping at nights, I piled up 2 pillows and let my foot rest on it. I only needed to ice the foot during the 1st 3 days of the of the surgery. After the 4th day, the icing was needed less and less. I still try to ice it just before i go to bed to relax my foot.

I am also on antibotics to avoid any infections, I'm half way done with them now.

I now have to also take cae of my L foot as it has been working hard for me when on crutches. I need to also pamper that L foot as it has a big bunion too. I hope in soon future, I can deal with that one and be a 100% brand new person. I still have to stick to my wide shoes for a while after the full recovery of this R foot, as my L bunion is still here to stay for a while.

Polly, my work place does not give me the luxury of taking too long a sick leave, so in a month (or hopefully if my doc can extend 2 more weeks for me thereafter) I have to go back to work full time at my admin job. But my job still has a lot of walking back and forth, so we will see.

More and more I realize the key to fast, successful recovery is to keep positive, happy and socialized - like going on FB, reply emails, join forums like this, or phone friends up and arrange them to visit you at home, make such a difference.

Keep in touch and keep you posted for your recovery and mine too!! I am at home for a few more weeks :angel:

Many hugs !

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