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Hi Delightfuldior, thanks for your reply! It is always nice to hear from people from the other side of the world of their bunion healing experience. Such good emotional support - as I am still kind of on my 11 days post-op, slowly making my way to the 2 weeks post-op mark! :)

My foot is feeling more of itself now. Once in a while I have some numb feelings, and little pin like sensations. Not a huge deal but I am feeling them more this past few days. The swelling has gone done a lot than the past week. A little bit left per my eyes can see (my toes are sticking out from the bandage so I can always check on my toes)

My bunions got bothersome when I was in my early to mid 30's. Back then, I did think of surgery but my family doctor encouraged me to wait out a few more years, as he fore-warned me it is a serious surgery and I do have to be ready for it. He was right. So for the following years, I tried everything on the face of this earth to prolong the deformation of the bunions. I got good professional medical insoles for my soft walking shoes, taking care of my tired feet at the end of the day by having massages and foot soaks, I also cut back in a few pounds (I have always been in the 125 to 131 lbs range, so I am keeping it to 128 for years - trying to loose a bit more & hope to return to 125 to 126 pounds. Using the crutches and canes have been a work out in itself....

However, after 10 years now, I cannot get away from the reality that my bunions are starting to hurt and bother me more, almost on a regular basis. So, I returned to my doc and he referred me to this currently lovely lady surgeon. She is very experienced in sport injury and is a foot specialist. I have been seeing her monthly since April 2010 and we all came to this decision to have one foot done for surgery while I am still in my early 40's and can get back the quality of life. I love nature walks, light jogging and all kinds of leisure walks. I am not huge on heavy duty long distrance cross training or marathons so I am not asking a lot out of my feet. Just to be able to get outdoors and may be go on some hikings (Vancouver has a lot of lovely trails). Really, that is all I ask of my feet - to be healthy.

In regards to the surgical method. Orginally my surgeon was thinking of using a little screw to permanently bind my newly adjusted big toe bones. However, she knows that my bones are of more 'slim' bulit, so she decided to use a thin nail (or pin) and let it sticks out for a bit post op, but will be removed eventually so I have no metal inside me. She does not want to trauma my foot more than necessary (as the bunion surgery is already a lot to bear for many women) so she wants to go easy on me. For the scar, I have a bottle of Bio oil at home. I also have some organic extra virgin olive oil with some coco butter and herbs at home. I can melt some of these goodies together and gently put it on the scar once the hardware are out and the wound is closed. But not massaging it too much yet, as one of my friend who is a herbist told me the scar tissue underneath the top layer still needs time to bind even when the top layer of the wound is closed up. So, be patient and let the skin takes time to bind properly, like the bit toe bones.

Well, I took a quick look at my 5 days post op foot later when I visited my surgeon last week for my 1st postop visit. I almost 'passed out' when I took a quick look at my foot - as I have not seen my foot to be so bundled up, with the stitches and pin. I comforted myself it is just a matter of getting use to see an operated foot, I guessed. I have never had any surgery in my 43 years of life, so this bunion thing has been a big thing for me. To be brave emotionally, and to weight out what is important in life - a foot with some scars (which will fade in time) or a foot (or feet) with endless pain and eventually overlapping toes and limited mobilty. I decided to go with the former and have some scars of 'character and courage' - courage to make a change in life. I almost cried with joy to see how straight my big toe is 1st time in more than 20 years! My surgeon let me have a quick few seconds' glance of my newly straightened toe right after operation, for encouragement. I was kind of half awake from the pain killer. I had a local anthestia at my foot only, not a general.

By the way, I have read up a lot materials and took a course in herbal healing and natural soap making years ago. I have learned that organic extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil, lavender essential oil, organic natural shea butter, coco butter, rose hip oil, and chickweed herb are all good for scar healing. I have them all ready at home now. I purchased a jar of chickweed cream (since this is the only thing I do not have at home), very gentle (made of infusion of chickweed which natura olive oil). I am going to try the chickweed cream soon after the doc gives me the ok for the wound healing. Then I'll go with the olive oil and try the Bio oil eventually.

One thing I have working very hard during this 2 weeks post-op (which is the most awful period of time per everyone I have talked to in person and from this forum) is that to avoid the on-set of depression. As I have shared I went through depression after giving birth to my baby daugther 15 years old for a whole month. It was one of the awful experience I had. I was glad I had the 6 months maternity leave here in Canada back in the 90's. So I was able to kick it off and be a happy mom by the time I returned to work. From 1998 onwards, Canada even extended maternity leave to be a full 12 months, with 60% pay from Govt. I almost kicked myself for not having a 2nd baby to make full use of this govt benefit. However, life goes on & my daughter is a young lady of 15 now. She will celebrate her sweet 16 on May 20 this year, just a couple of month away! It is also that I know my daughter is grown and hubby is still not ready to retired :) so I decided to get 1 foot done now. At least I have 1 good R foot for the future. I have been telling myself this is a learning experience for this entire bunion operation and post-op healing. As what I am learning now will be really helping for my next L foot surgery (which is inevitable as that bunion is big too. By that time in a few years, I will be a bit older (may take longer to heal due to age and my bunion may be even bigger then) but again, it will be the L foot so at least it won't be my domniant foot.

It took me a while to decide which foot to operate on, as the R foot has a 'slightly' smaller bunion, but hurts my nerves more as it is my dominant side. The L has a bigger bunion but hurts me a little bit less - so after debating with myself for months - my R foot first, it would be.

My younger sister also have bunions on both of her feet. She just turned 40 with 2 young kids. However, hers have never bothered her feet like mine. She is also a bigger bulit girl. I was told by my foot surgeon that may be I have slimmer bones, so the bunions show more and I feel them more on my feet compares to my sister - :(

My dad passed away 10 years ago at age 65. He also have identical bunion feet like my sister. He also got away with surgery for his feet.

For shoes, I have not buy any new soft shoes yet as I am not even sure if my shoe size will change after this operation. So I am sticking with my current walking shoes (soft stretchy material) with my special insoles in them for support. These shoes have been working hard for me all of the past year since my foot started to hurt bad. They are a bit worn out so once my foot healed, I'm going to look around to invest in another pair of good walking shoes to replace them and keep on using my professionally made support insoles with the new shoes. Good quality shoes can be expensive here in Canada. I have to say, I am not thinking about heals for years to come, as my L foot still need to be watched out for the bunion. So, the only heals I have are my winter leather boots which is not really 'high healed', just a bit higher than my other flats.

I will keep you posted of my updates after the 2nd visit to my foot doc later today. Hope to bring you good news of progress.

[QUOTE=delightfuldior;4717166]hello all ;)

My bunions are inherited from Mums side. And my Mum is in surgery having her left bunion done and toes straightening as I type! Hers are terrible, she is 51. I am 33 and had them as far back as 10 year old! I used to hate PE and wore long baggy bottoms to cover them. I didnt make them any better by wearing high heels with pointy toes from about 21 but they have kinda got worse in the last 4 years and Ive been wearing mainly flats! I will be getting the right one done in a couple of years as it looks so distinctive now against the new foot. It wasnt that bad as you see in the pic but since the op its got bigger and more painfull as I have been over compensating on that foot.

I came off the meds about week two. I got tummy upset and rash with the anti inflams and the tramadol made me feel sick so I weaned myself off them and took paracetamol every 4 hours eventually winding down off these. I found the first two weeks horrific. I had a hlaf cast on bound tightly by ace bandages and when the foot swelled it burnt like mad :(. Once the cast was off it felt much better but I could still feel the swelling; mainly around the tom of the foot near the toes; which I still get.

I drove my car for the first time yesterday. It was painful to use the clutch and also difficult as my velcro shoe kept getting caught under the break, so I wouldnt say I am fit for driving unless I wear my uggs. I have tried to get some cons on and gym shoes but cannot pull them on because the incision really hurts :( its starting to heal nice but the skin is very hard in areas where the metal work is underneath and its numb but stings.. if that makes sense.

Ive been gently massaging bio oil in twice a day since Saturday. I have used this before for another op I had and the scars are barely noticable.

I previously went to see about having my bunions done in 04. The consultant told me I too would have a pin/screw sticking out my foot for a while... this put me off and I refused to have it done. :( So I praise you for going ahead!!!!! You must have guts to have the procedure done this way. Who knows when I come to get the other done I may see a diff consultant and have it done this way!

I have been off work for 8 weeks. 4 weeks full pay and 4 weeks half pay by my employer. I go back tomorrow on a phased return to work basis starting from office duties 25% of my hours, building up to 100% over 4 weeks. I will then return to my normal duties of driving and working between sites on shifts. My employer has been great. I was told that I would only be off 4 week but at the 2 week check up I was told to return in 5. I was gutted :(

I suffer from anxiety and depression anyhow so 7 weeks of nothing to do drove me up the wall. But by week 4 I was up and about shuffling in my heel bearing shoe and was able to get into the garden, walk around the block with the dogs and do housework which lifted my spirits.

Next time I will prepare more now I know what to expect. Maybe buy an online course to do whilst off work, arrange for the dogs to be walked every day etc. Them not getting walked made me sad alone as they love their two walks a day. Now they are back full swing now I can take them :D I had to freeze my gym membership for three months. I go back on 1st May of which I will have some PT sessions for a month and then Im on my own. I'll be doing bike and stepper and x trainer eventually as running is out of the question. I'm going to visit a runners shop this week and get my foot checked and some ideas on shock absorbing trainers for when I eventually start running.

Its a massive operation getting ya bunion done. some people cannot beleive how complicated the op is. It tests ya mental health to the limit!! But if all goes well.. its worth it :D[/QUOTE]

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