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[QUOTE=venicerules;4684909]On Dec 30th I had bunion surgery on my right foot and my second toe shortened. The bunion was very large and the big toe was starting to cross over the second toe. Both toes were starting to look deformed and the nail on the second toe wasn't growing properly.

I am now almost 7 weeks post op. I am walking in sneakers alot outdoors. I haven't gone barefoot yet, but expect to after week 8. I wear a surgical sandal around the house.

My doctor saw me for the last time on Jan 31st and didn't really give me much direction for recovery. All he really said was I should be able to run by Spring. He also didn't prescribe any P/T.

I've sprinted across the street with no major pain. The greatest pain I now experience is in my second toe. If I try to do a lunge with my right foot back, it hurts. The surgery was to remove the top knuckle of the second toe with no pin. So the top bone is just floating solo. I asked the doctor about that and he said the tendons will eventually heal on their own. Has anyone had experience with the recovery of the second toe as I describe? How long until it is back to normal? Suggestions?


Oh My Gosh,

I have that's my fourth toe along with bunion surgery. The Dr. did the same thing to my fourth toe (removed top knuckle) to shorten it. It creeps me out to take a shower, it's just hanging there. I had my surgery Feburary 14th so I'm still swollen. Are your bones coming closer together at this point in your recovery? I really had no idea there would not be a splint or something to hold it in place until the bones grew together together. I would like to know the average time it takes for the toe bone to grow together again, too. My Dr. did say at my two week appt. that the tendon will hold it in place and when the swelling goes down the bones will grow together.

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