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I want to share something for those suffering from neuromas, especially those who never had surgery at all. I will share the bottom line first about taping and then my story if you want to hear it.

TAPING: My foot dr. showed me how to tape the bottom of my foot which somehow takes pressure off the neuroma and makes it tolerable while walking around. It's so simple. You may want to ask your dr. about it.

I've had multiple neuroma surgeries from the top of the foot over the last 12 years or so. If I could do it over I would not have had any except perhaps one - and I would have went under the foot because there is less scar tissue. one is back in a severe way - perhaps attached to a tendon they said - and pulling and tugging - can't drive, wear socks, can't find any boots that I can tolerate so wear socks in the snow outside! I've been living like this the past 3 years - it is awful. Anyways....I took out my tape that the dr. showed me 12 years ago how to do - and it helps more than any treatment to date for walking around. It does not obviously help it in other situations/positions of the foot/ but it's the best I've got. When I think back to the intitial dr. who told me to tape - I can only think how much better off I'd be today if I just kept taping it all these years - such a simple thing! How I wish I never had the surgeries. When people say they are better from the surgery you have to ask them how long ago they had it Yes, there are some who perhaps can go 10 years - they are the fortunate ones. Until 4-5 years after surgery I told people I was "great." I truly was for 4 years - until the scar tissue and stump neuromas came - now I am triple worse! Most all of my orthos and foot dr. don't even like to do the surgery anymore - they just don't think it's the true answer and see multiple problems from patients. So, you may want to talk to your dr. about this taping.

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