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I am feeling a little better no more pressure/ burning pain with my foot down. I had to go back today for a cast change as my heel was rubbing pretty badly in the cast and I was worried about a pressure sore. I had a very soft and red area on the back if my heel so thank goodness I spoke up and asked to come in. My six week appt is in 2 weeks. Tomorrow is a solid month. I haven't had to take a pain pill in a week. So I guess that is progress as well. Even managed to slightly move my foot side to side after they took the cast off. I had zero degrees of ankle inversion and limited eversion. The bottom o my foot is hypersensitive. Just the act of slipping the stockinette over my foot caused me to jump. This is going to be interesting over the next couple of months. My new cast is shorter than my last so I could see all the dead skin that had accumulated over the past month. That alone grossed me out so I gently washed the new exposed area with a little soap and water to get some of that off and lotioned up good. Must admit I am ready to move on from this and get back to my normal routine. I am an active person and not used to all this sitting around idle.

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