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Hi Rosal, thanks for sharing your experience! I am from West Coast, Canada.

I had an "Austin' Bunion surgery (I pin to fix my big toe, and 1 vertical incision along the foot (right underneath the big toe) for the cutting of my bunion. According to my doc, my bunion was not too bad but due to it pressing against my nerves, it has been giving me a lot of grieve the past years. It also got bigger over the past years that I decided to get this R foot done first. My L foot also has a bad bunion, but not at the pain level I have compares to my R foot, so after some thinking, I went with the R foot first for the surgery. I had my surgery done on March 17, so as of today, I hit the 3 full weeks post-op mark. I still have mild swelling at my toes, and the right side of the foot. Funny that the left side of the foot (where the incision is), the swelling has totally gone. So, my bandaged foot is still feeling fat. My stitches were out last Monday (my 3rd post-op visit), and she put some butterfuly tapes to hold the wound together for now. I was told since week 2 post-op to move my foot forward & backward, draw circles in the air when I am in lying in bed, and try to move the toes individually back & forth, including the big toe. Also, try to do as much stretch of the leg as possible, ready to put weight on. After 2 weeks post-op, my foot doc started to give me the ok to put partial weight on the heel only. So I did. At first I was freaking out worrying that I am going to break the incision or the newly adjusted big toe bone. But as I am stretching my courage a bit day by, I can put a lot of weight on my heel and the R side of my foot (as of today, 3 weeks post-op). My next visit in the coming Monday, and my foot doc did mention that by end of this week (which is this weekend), I can try to put a bit of weight on the forefoot as well - now, this is the part I am a bit scare to do...but will try. I am limping around with my bandaged foot at home (we have carpeted floor) so my toes can breath. If I have to go out for doc's visits - then I will put on my 'moon boot' which is a gray colour thick support ankle height air-cusioned boot with velco. A very big thing! As of the begining of this week, I am using less of my crutches around the house since I started limping around with my heel. Hope I will be successful limping around with my forefoot! For the swelling - like you - if I limp around too much that day around the house, my foot gets sore and feel more swollen. So I will have to lift it up and rest it, ice it etc. Yes, in the morning, my foot is less swollen, than at the end of the day...My doc said this is normal, but don't over-push it too hard. Just be diligent in the exercise to wake up the muscles and tendons, but watch out for it not to be overtired.

I was told to try to bend my toes since last week (week 2 post-op). I have to go back to work in a few weeks, that is why my foot doc is trying to work with me to get me back on my feet as much as possible, ready to go back to work soon. My office cannot give me too many weeks for sick leave since they are very busy right now. So they only approved 4 weeks upfront and my doc is trying to extend it to another 3 weeks for me, making it 7 weeks total for sick leave. If it is only for 4 weeks off, I'll have to return to work by April 13 - oops, very soon. No normal shoes yet for me, still living in my velco moon boot so far. They are so heavy! I do have some larger size comfort shoes which I hope to be able to at least fit in when I return to work by week 7. Will keep you posted.

Rosal, good luck, I am sure we can all do it! Just think of the healthy straight toes and well aligned foot we will have went we all fully recovered, no more pain!

[QUOTE=rosal;4709656]Thank you for the replies. I spoke to my doc last night on the phone. He told me the swelling should go down in the am and swell during the day. As he said, I woke up and the swelling was way down. Literally, an hour later my foot swelled up. I'm back in bed with my foot elevated.
He told me to start walking that I cannot hurt anything at this point. I am 5 weeks 1 day post op today. I started to put my foot down and partial weight bear but I'm using crutches so I don't know how much weight I'm actually putting on it. Probably very little.
I guess I will just have to be patient. As I put my foot down I had slight pain in the tailor bunion area which scared me a bit.
Solusmor and Stripe- please keep me posted on your recovery and best of luck.[/QUOTE]

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