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Hi Irena, good to hear from you and pleased to help.
I am now nearly 6 months post surgery and everything is well healed and working well. I do have some stiffness and occasional pain in the right fore foot, especially if I do too much in other than roomy trainers but as this was my worst foot and I couldnt bear to put any weight on it a year ago, i am well pleased with the result.
My feet are still broad but barely bent and for the first time ever I feel confident to do a pilates class in bare feet and I can now go on tiptoes for the first time in years.
I can honestly say that the entire procedure and after-care has been amazing. The surgery was under general anaesthetic and was like a very brief but refreshing sleep. I came out of surgery after about an hour, feet bandaged but with next to no blood and absolutely no pain. I took pain killers for a day or so as i was expecting something to kick in but it never did. I rested for an hour or so post- surgery then soon tottering about in non-weght bearing velcro sandals. I was discharged later the same day then as instructed kept my feet up for 10 days or so, before dressings came off and wounds, about 6 x 1cm cuts on each foot, had fully healed. I could then shower and start to do a bit more in soft shoes. I have steadily progressed over the last few months and only experience minimal pain in worst foot, occasional stiffness/pins and needls and swelling if i really push it. Generally i am fine.
I am due to return to the York clinic early next year and am likely to be discharged after this appointment.
I have absolutely no regrets about getting my feet fixed-I only wish i had got on with it sooner. I think i had been put off by my mother's experience of conventional surgery and legs in pots for months. I hadn't heard of minimally invasive techniques for bunions and hammertoes until i went to York. There does seem to be quite a bit of info online nowadays.
I suppose you need to weigh up how much pain and limitation your feet cause as i really was becoming quite disabled and could barely find shoes that didn't hurt. My feet are far from perfect, but to me they are fantastic and I love not having to think about them all the time.

I hope you make the decision that is right for you but if you do need surgery i can thoroughly recommend minimally-invasive.

Best of luck x

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