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Can I ask why your surgeon says you will need 2 separate procedures and recoveries with the more conventional method.

I am in the UK and am 12 days post op now for scarf akin osteotomy and had them both done at the same time. It has been relatively pain free, frustrating is the main word I would use to descrive my recovery! But that is more because I am a control freak and I am having to watch my husband muddling through with the kids! lol

I am still spending most of the day with my feet elevated - they aren't swollen, cant see much bruising and really genuinely haven;t particularly hurt. I am now not using my crutches much as am finding it easier to get around clutching on to walls and bits of furniture! I can't stand still as my feet "tingle" unbearably. Am having my stitches out today so will see them for the first time this afternoon!

Any questions about this procedure then please feel free to ask. I am so pleased my surgeon gave me no choice at all but to have my feet done together as would rather just have one period of recovery and inconvenience.

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