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On February 1st after being up for three days and driving just over 1000 miles with no sleep I fell asleep ONLY 50 FEET FROM MY DRIVEWAY. (tell me that does not bite)

I hit an oak tree, dead center, at about 45 miles per hour. I woke just in time to put my right foot out to catch some of the impact because I was trying to protect my back and my left hip. Had a failed lumbar fusion L5 to S1 in 2007 and had a motorcycle accident in March 2010 and broke the top of my left femur off and shattered my hip. Now just as I was about to pronounce myself recovered completely from the hip surgery I go and break my right heel.

My surgeon who did a wonderful job on my left hip looked at my x-rays on my heel and said I did not need surgery. At the time my right foot was swollen so severely that I was about to develope compartment syndrome. I had huge fracture-blisters on both sides of my foot. INCREDIBLE PAIN.

But I am really scared. My surgeon gave me an open boot with straps on it to wear and told me that after April 1st I could put all the weight I want to on my right foot. I am however still in nearly as much heel pain as I was when this happened. I still have recurring fracture blisters and the swelling has hardly gone down any and when it does it has always come back, sometimes severely. In addition I have pain (a lot of it) in the top inside and outside of my foot as well as pain all the way up into my hip.

Please tell me, can there be other things going wrong here? Do I need to have another doctor besides an orthopedic surgeon check my foot and leg? Is it true that it might take a year for this swelling to go away or is it true that it might not go away at all? Is it true that if the swelling gets where I cannot get circulation in my foot that I might have to have my foot removed in order to save the rest of me? Is it true that I could have ripped tendons and ligaments and muscle tissue all the way up my right leg that might not be fixable? And finally, it is true that I could have blood clots form form the brusied tissue in my foot that could kill me at any time?

Thanks to everying for helping me with this. While I am 52 years old and have been thru a lot, I am really scared about this. Keith

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