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Hello, I'm new to the message boards and here is my problem. I had an implant put in my mp joint in my left big toe because of bone spurs and arthritis. I am going on 7 months since surgery and I have pain everyday on the ball of my foot and in the bone and can't put any weight on the toe or bend it. I went through 8 weeks of PT after the surgery and that hurt me so bad I finally quit. I went back to the podiatrist who did the surgery and he gave me a cortisone injection in the joint (that was no fun) and no pain for a couple of weeks and then the pain returns. Oh and also don't forget there's the side of the foot pain that has been there ever since the pain first started because I am compensating for not walking correctly. And that pain is like someone is burning your foot. Excruciating. I also go to a pain clinic for my back and my doctor there referred me to an orthopedic specialist for feet. I saw him once and he said I have 3 options, to fuse the joint, remove the implant and have a floppy toe(what's that)how do you walk then? Or do a reversal Keller procedure which I don't know what that is. I was due to go back to him in June, but I had so much pain this whole weekend and ruined my Easter with my family that I am going to see him this Thursday. I am going to decide on removing the implant and doing something else which I will decide with the Dr. Has anyone else had this problem? The podiatrist just keeps telling me it hasn't healed yet. I can't bear any more pain. Thanks Linda
Thank you so much for your reply. I saw the orthopedic specialist last Thursday. He is a surgeon in the Foot and Ankle Center in Grand Rapids Mi. I read all his qualifications and man oh man he sure is qualified. He does surgeries 3 days a week. I like him alot. We discussed my options and like you all are saying he said to get rid of the pain the fusion is the best way to go. He did say that 2 percent will still have pain after the fusion and nothing can be done about it and 5 percent end up with an infection in the toe which would require another surgery and removing the hardware then treating the infection and put the hardware back in. But you know they have to give you the risks involved so you're aware of what could happen. He said I will be in a cast for 2 months and after that a surgical boot for another 6 weeks. Oh man oh man! So I'm trying to figure out when to have the surgery. I hate the thought of wearing a cast during the summer when we go out on the lake alot on our pontoon with the grand kids. So I'm thinking right after labor day maybe. The whole shoe thing has me crazy. I hate just wearing flat shoes. I know the pain trying to get on a rocker bottom tennis shoe. You have to loosen all the laces so you can get that sore big toe in there without bending it. It all sucks! So really can you walk better after the fusion? You can't bend your toe so you just kinda walk stiff footed is that what you do? Do you limp after the fusion? I walk carefully kinda on the outside of my foot and limp most of the time to hold back all of my weight. I just want all the pain to go away. Cause when that toe starts the big throb it takes a long time for it to stop as you all know. Now all I do is stare at all the women's feet who are wearing high heels. I never did wear spikes but did wear heels but those days are over. I just pray that I won't be in the statistics where I'll still have pain. I wish I would have just done the fusion in the first place and I wish the podiatrist would have told me it would've been the best way to go instead of the implant. He said that some people's bodies reject the implant and that possibly mine is. Well gee ya think? Something's goin on. Exactly what kind of shoes can a woman wear after the fusion is healed? Penny loafers? Can you ever wear a small heel again?
Thank you for all your advice and knowledge and help.
Thank you so much. I'm so glad my pain clinic dr. referred me to the ortho specialist. He practices at the Foot and Ankle Center in Grand Rapids, MI. He does surgeries 3 days a week. Overly qualified from everything I've read about him. Very nice Dr. He said the toe fusion is the best way to go. I'm just dreading another surgery. Then will have to be in a cast for 2 months then a surgical boot for another 6 weeks. Oh well guess I will have to do it or either not walk right and have all this pain for the rest of my life. No I can't endure it. I will have the surgery. I'm just worried about how you walk after the fusion. I can't walk very far now without the pain starting. I'm 60 yrs. old and have never had a cast this will be my first one. Isn't that funny? Guess I've been real lucky all my life not to have broken anything.
Thank you for your advice.
in 2007 i had an implant in the big toe. it was a failed surgery from the start.

i'm talking to different orth surgeons on what are the alternatives of dealing with it.

do yourself a to more than 1 orth surgeon and do tons of research on the web on what they tell you.
Wow girl you did better than me. You had your surgery in 2007 and just now going to do something about it. I can't even make it one year. The only alternative is to do a toe fusion to eliminate the pain. I can't bend my toe now so what's the difference if I can't bend it after the fusion. I just want the pain to go away. This ortho surgeon I'm seeing does one fusion every week. So I'm sure he knows what he's doing. I'm dealing with this toe pain along with low back, hip and leg pain also. Just pain everyday. So I have my surgery scheduled for Sept. 16th. Gonna wait till after summer. Don't want to spend 2 months in a cast during the summer if I can help it.

Thanks for responding and I wish you well with your toe also. I hope you find a well qualified ortho surgeon.

hi, a 2nd opinion with the best ortho may not be a bad idea for the surgery. you sound just like me! i also waited until september and that was my first cast. i obsessed about shoes and i still am. you can wear a 2 in heel, but the toe box has to be wide enough. i hate flat shoes as i am 5 ft tall and my husband is over 6 ft. i have searched high and low for cute shoes. the summer is worse for shoes. winter time most cute boots fit with heels. i also have put on blanicks when i know i wont do a lot of walking. its the sandals with straps that are killers. i can do everything and i dont walk with any limp what so ever. you have until september so try not to worry now. i also had the hardware removed from the fused toe because it was hurting me after a year and it was never put back-did not need it and that was a minor surgery. love, debbie

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