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Thank you for your reply, roxygirl! I had almost the same surgery you did but instead of Achilles work, they rebuilt part of my navicular using bone from my hip. My doc did say that he sees 8 women/day for the ptt injury from the awful shoes that we wear (but they're so cute!!). I came to the realization that it will be ok if I'm never able to wear a pair of christian Louboutin's ever again (who can afford them anyway). It's nice to hear that eventually there will be days that I forget about the foot surgery.

For the comment posted by the pre-op patient, please check back in with us afterwards. I found that the first month to be the hardest. I suggest having a nice setup by your bed or wherever you plan to recoup: bottled water, disposable toothbrushes, chapstick, kleenex, snack bars, books, laptop, cell phone + charger, flashlight, hairbrush, baby wipes, lotion, gum. I was surprised at how dependent I was without a foot. And the pain meds make you loopy, so make sure someone knows when you're getting up. I used a seat in the tub for after the cast came off. Again, if you have any questions, please post them here and I'm happy to send any suggestions.

My goal is to be able to walk three miles for an upcoming trip to Africa. Moving onward with PT, bike, stair climber, and swimming. If I find any more cute, wearable footwear, I'll send those along as well. Best of luck to you both and watch where you walk!

[QUOTE=roxygirl1;4742169]What proceedures did you have done? I am about 9 1/2 months post op. I had my ptt/spring ligament repaired, tendon transfer, cotton and calcaneal osteotomy, aspirate taken from illiac crest and my achillese tendon was lengthened. I was not told that I have to live in sneakers. I have recent started to wear some shoes. I have a pair of Durea shoes, Finn comfort sandals (sylt) for the summer, drew delite (the black and the beige look better in person than online) and pw minor triumph sneakers. The shoes are not high fashion but at least I have some variety and they feel great on my feet. My doctor cleared me for most activities except high impact and activities that involve twisting the ankle.

I have been back to work since December. My job requires me to be fairly active. I have not had any problems at work and also am able to run errands or go to a store after putting in a full day at work. My husband and I walk our three dogs, I can work out in a gym, just avoiding high impact. The bike and stair master are ok. I can go swimming and most of all, I feel as if I am getting my life back. There are many times during the day when I forget that I ever had surgery. It would be nice to wear real stylish shoes but I realize that I will have to make wise selections. Perhaps you can discuss other footwear options with your doctor. I have been going to a small independent shoe store owned by a pedorthist. He has been able to show me shoes that will support my foot and be comfortable also. He is also able to make any necessary modifications to the shoes. There are people who do not have good outcomes but there are also plenty of people who have very good outcomes. I have communicated with someone who had this surgery (by my surgeon) 7 years ago and is still doing great. He is able to hike, canoe etc etc. I went into this surgery with the expectation that it will not have to be redone. I plan to live my life but use common sense in choosing my activities and footwear to improve the odds of this surgery lasting.

Even if you can't run, there are plenty of exercises and activities that you will be able to do and not put undo stress on your foot. Be sure that you discuss things with your doctor. He knows exactly what he had done and the true condition of your foot.

Good luck[/QUOTE]

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