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Im 31 years old female and I had bunion surgery done on my right foot on Feb 21, 2011. Its been two and a half months since my surgery and I still can't walk properly. I dont have much range of motion or flexibility in my big toe and my foot is mostly swollen, not a lot but enough for me to notice and feel tight in my sneakers. I can't wear anything else and I have pain pretty often in my big toe. I also have a bunion removed close to the small toe but that has not bothered me that much.

My question is how long will it take me to walk normal and most importantly to wear regular shoes. I miss wearing heels and just regular flats, especially since summer is around the corner. I fear that my foot will never go back to its normal size and I will always be limping and only wear my sneakers.

My doctor is the worst ever. He never saw me once after the surgery and Ive only been seeing his physician assistant, who keeps saying everything is normal in response to my every question. Im freaking out here, someone please help!!

Thanks. Tivocal23

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