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[QUOTE=Pinky P;4766256]Hi Earthworm, Thanks for your reply!
I get my bandages off tomorrow, can't wait! Hoping I'll have a full recovery and am able to use my toes the same as I used to but without the pain and the bunion! Are you able to bend your toes, put full pressure on them now? How do you walk now? Are you able to wear heels occasionally? How long after your op did you start walking using your toes? I know everyone's healing process is different but it would be good to get an idea!

This site has been a great source of info, it's been great reading everyone's experience and helped in preparing prior to the op.

Pinky P[/QUOTE]

Yay!! that sounds exciting! Bring the camera! lol Did you get your bandages changed at week 1? I got mine changed at week 1 and they were not a pretty sight! My heart fell to the, just kidding, but it really wasn't a pretty sight. They will likely remove your external stitches tomorrow, you will feel a tug and a pull here and there, but nothing too uncomfortable.

Once you get the stitches removed, you should start massaging them. Don't fret cuz they are going to peel like crazy! I massaged my scars and surrounding area every 3 hours with the oil I blend myself (tea tree oil with high grade olive oil) and then did the exercises by bending my toes forward and backward as instructed by my surgeon. The massage and exercises lasted about 20-30 min each session. I am the type prone to keloids and hyperpigmented scars, but I have to admit you can barely see the scars on my feet! :D

So to answer your questions:
Yes! I can bend my toes backward and forward as before the surgery
Yes! I can put full pressure on my toes now(they just get better everyday, I remember at one year mark, I could only put about 85-90% weight on them while trying to walk on them)
Yes! I walk perfectly normal with a skip now and again :D
Yes! Been wearing heels when the occasions call for. I have to say the sole of the feet feel a bit funny once I have them flat on the ground again.
Hmmm....since I am not a ballerina, I normally don't walk with my toes :D But I remember my physio forced me to put weight on my toes at around 8 to 9 weeks. My surgeon didn't feel that I need physio, but I went on my own anyways. I felt unsure, uncomfortable and couldn't walk "normal", so if nothing else, the physio gave me more confidence to use my entire feet and learned to walk like normal again. At about 7 month, I was wearing MBT shoes which help quite a bit, but once my feet were getting even better, I didn't like to wear them anymore :)
My final suggestion is to take photos (of same positions) at every week because sometimes you feel like they are not improving, but by looking at the photos, you know you have come a long way!
Oh...and please be patient! elevate elevate elevate! pamper them as much as possible, don't move unless you have to :D
Best of luck!

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