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Hi cg71,
The recovery really depends on the type of procedure you have. For example, a Chevron is usually be faster than a Scarf which in turns is faster than a Lapidus. However, not only the type of procedure, but also your age, health condition, post op care etc will play a role in your recovery as well.
I had Scarf done and I remember I put on sneakers at 6 weeks to walk (didn't have a choice, going to a wedding). Even then, I had to walk carefully and the feet would swell up and got red and tired at the end of the day. Prior to that, I didn't have to walk or do any work, so I would literally had my feet elevated all the time, with frequent massages and exercises.

If you can be a complete "bum" :D, try to keep your feet elevated and iced (didn't ice mine tho) for the first 2-3 weeks. Put on your wedges for bathroom runs etc only if you have do. What you do during that time is crucial and can speed up your recovery process.

It's been almost 2 years now, and I am so glad I had mine done!

Good luck with your surgery!

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