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Hello Newbie:
I am experiencing the same sensation after one-month surgery on July 13 along with intermittent sharp pains on top of foot where the incision is for the pens. I was told that I could bear wt. on the heel and at the end of the day felt the sensation to be more intense. Tomorrow I have referral to wound care specialist because after one month there is still some drip. I will also call my surgeon. All kinds of thoughts are running thru my head, did walking on the heel cause the pins to move? Is there a connection between the burning and the pins...? I have to be more focused and not think the worse. I spend almost 24/7 with my feet up and only move back and forth to the bathroom.

Tonight I am going to apply an ice pack to the area in the hopes of some relief. I hate having to resort to the pain medication, but if this gets any worse I will not hesitate.

I can empathize with you.:(

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