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I created a new post about this but I will probably get more feedback if I post within an old thread. Looking for thoughts from those of you that have had this procedure.

The lateral part of my ankle is still a bit discolored and my calf muscle is about half its normal size. The dent from the recession is quite prominent. There is a bit of a bump above where the screws were inserted into the back of my heel.

I often get a serious burning pain in the bump mentioned above. It is most prominent when I first start moving after resting for as few as ten minutes. I have had it off an on since the surgery but it has gotten significantly worse over the last month. If I even do light exercise, it is very miserable to try and walk. It does settle down after a while until I rest again. Then it all starts over. My achilles also gets very swollen whenever I do light exercise or spend a few hours on my feet. I also am developing pain in the achilles itself. Additionally, my entire ankle is beginning to feel a bit loose and gets sore much more easily than before. Maybe it's in my head but I don't think so. I also do get some radiating burning pain on the lateral side towards where the incision was made for the osteotomy. I have developed a popping sound in my ankle too. Sometimes, when I start walking down stairs, I get a more severe pain in my achilles.

For others that have had this procedure, any idea if this is common? I'm very worried that my achilles is going to rupture or something else. I really don't need that.

Thanks for any feedback.

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