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Yep after 5 weeks I am bored senseless. I am burnt on TV and I think I check the boards about every 2 hours in between puzzles games and I am taking an online class. So quick replies from me.
My insurance allowed 20 sessions. So we did 3 a week for 7 weeks. That is why you need to do alot yourself. I would be shocked if you could walk right away. I also would think the doc would not want you to. Your leg muscle will be half the size of the other and your tendons will be tighter than a drum. I have been moving mine since last Thursday and it has only half the movement range as the left one. Plus when the cast was first off it was all tingely and numb feeling.
After cast was off,I went from cast to boot, to learning to bend, standing, down to one crutch and then a cane and own shoes at about 14 weeks out. It is slow and grueling at best, I have always said 2 steps forward and one back. It definately feels like that.
I would say my recovery on left(first OATS) was a success. It was done using my knee for the graft. It has been 3 years and it is the only one I have been standing on for the last 5 weeks. I have some audible clicking when I walk (not all the time, depends on humidity). It is a cartilage flap that I have decided not to do anything about. And sometimes when we get really cold and damp, I get some pain in the osteotomy site. Screws have never bothered me, neither has knee. This OATS was done with a cadaviar graft. I needed a 2 cm x 19mm piece, so too big for knee.
Take it slow, you may hate your theropist after a while. They are brutal and expect alot. If you think they are pushing too hard call doc office. First day they should measure your range with rulers and just work with bands to help you move. First machine should be easy bike with no weight bearing. Don't let them put you on elipticle or treadmill for a while.
Best wishes

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