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At 14 weeks post pttd for ruptured tendon, I'm stopping PT for today until I can see my doc. The ankle is doing well with all PT EXCEPT when walking. It feels like I'm stepping on a stone under my heel and there is pain with each step on both sides of the Achilles tendon. My doc brushed this off at the last visit saying there were no bone spurs and also said "well you haven't walked on your foot for months and had major surgery in the foot". It hurts when the PT has his hand on the top of my foot when stretching. I was once told that some of those little bones on the top of the foot had signs of old stress fractures that were probably due to such tight "corrective" shoes worn as a child. (Back in the 1950s, it was thought that tight, supportive shoes would help falling arches.)

Also, can all that pulling and stretching the PT is doing, no matter how gently, can that loosen the hardware holding the repaired tendon in place? Still so much swelling on both sides on my ankle....more on the non-surgical side actually; this could be from an old, old bad ankle sprain; it swelled at the end of the day even before surgery but now is swollen all the time except during the night. Am I just rushing things and expecting too much? Getting very discouraged...sorry.... just having a bad foot week.

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