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Fell off a ladder 3-1/2 months ago and shattered my heel. Frankly I did not even know you could break your heel. Doctor told me "good news - no surgery, bad news - 3 months to heel". Well I knew 3 months was too short. In a cast for 6 weeks and been in a walking boot ever since. Still hurts all the time. No pain meds - told to take Tylenol, which is a laugh. this is a life changing accident. wonder if I will ever walk again, and if I do, will it be without pain? Anyone else dealing with this type of break? I know no 2 accidents are alike so everyone will have a different experience but maybe we all know the pain!!
[QUOTE=wendy52;4974249]I was 52 years old when I broke my heel. I was also a smoker and had low Vitamin D which all hindered my heeling. Since I had no medical insurance I did not have surgery but did have a cast for 6 weeks and then a Boot for 3 more months. It took 2 months of Physical Therapy till I was able to walk. All in total it took me 7 months of the most excruitating pain and fear that I would never be normal again. I am glad to say that it has been a year now and I am mostly back to normal with an occasional twinge in my foot and can't wear high heels yet. Comfortable shoes are now my life. I am very impressed and envious on your career and really hope that you can still do what you love. Hopefully your athletic ability will help in your healing process and just keep pushing your limits. Good luck to you[/QUOTE]

Hi Wendy,
I have been a "Heelie" since 1984. I went through a long recovery, 2 months in a non weight bearing cast followed by at least 3 months walking with crutches. I was 22 years old at the time. Surgery was not preformed as I was told there were too many pieces. I was never even prescribed physical therapy. Since then, I have been able to live pretty normally. I run, workout at a high level aerobic boot camp, ski, wakeboard, and yes, wear high heels, as I find them more comfortable than flats. When I hike on uneven terrain, I have stiffness in the joint for a day or too. Most recently, while painting the exterior of my house, I have been in quite a lot of pain. I believe it is a result of climbing up and down the ladder, stretching the Achilles.
I was I told back in 1984 that I was lucky to not have a limp. I was also warned that i may have severe arthritus when i am older. Well, 28 years later, i do not believe I have arthritus, but I am wondering if it is too late for physical therapy.

As for heels, don't give up the dream. It was maybe 6 months in the "comfortable" shoe, but working in advertising in NYC back then, I needed and wanted my heels, and I have been wearing them ever since!!

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