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Johanna, if you were my daughter--and my daughter is only 7 and not doing any team sports yet--here is what I would advise you.

[*]Get a 2nd opinion from an orthopedist who specialists in foot/ankle or a podiatrist who does sports medicine
[*]Unless you're about to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, don't do sports this season and risk your foot for years afterward (what Dexatech said)
[*]If you choose surgery, ask the doctor if the bone fragment can be fixed into place with pins or screws, perhaps combined with drilling to form a blood clot
[*]Ask both docs: If fragment cannot be fixed in place, should I get OATS or allograft instead of just microfracture?
[*]If you don't get surgery, ask your doc if you can have a new MRI every 3 months to make sure the OCD is not growing
[*]Remember if you have successful surgery, you can return to sports next year (2012-2013) and the year after. If you don't have surgery and the OCD is growing, you might never run again.

I know you love sports and you're good at what you do. But ask yourself if one more season of sports glory is worth the risk that you won't be able to play sports in college. If you don't have surgery and keep playing basketball and running, your OCD will probably get bigger. Nothing is for sure, so it might not get bigger, or it might even heal a little and get smaller, especially since you're young. But based on what your doctor said, it probably isn't going to heal itself unless you get surgery. If you do get surgery, I suggest you explore whether fixing the fragment in place or getting a graft (OATS or similar) might have a better chance of success than regular microfracture.

I strongly encourage you to get a 2nd opinion from a foot and ankle specialist (DPM or ortho), ideally one who treats athletes. And ask your parents to read some of the OCD threads here for research.

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