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[QUOTE=j9879;4847016]There are a lot of variations of bunion surgery. These care vary from walking the day off surgery to not walking for 8 weeks. I will assume you had a typical head procedure with a screw. If that is the case, most people get back to normal activities around 3 months, but you may have variable swelling for 6 months or more.

That being said, if you have bilateral bunion surgery your recovery time will be longer since you do not have a good foot to take most of the weight. Bilateral bunion surgeries have a much greater risk of complications so I hope all goes well with you.

Did your surgeon only give quick answers to your questions prior to surgery? If so that may give reason to the quick answers afterwards. Did the surgeon suggest bilateral surgery?[/QUOTE]

I really appreciate the reply! Thank you!
I had a Lapidus Bunionectomy on both feet at the same time (bilateral) and it was suggested by my OS to do it this way (bilateral and a Lapidus). I waited over a year to get this procedure done and currently he has a 2 yr wait list.

He told me based on my past history (a failed osteotomy (sp?) ) done on both feet 21 yrs ago by a top podiatrist with minimal incision technique and the fact that bunions and foot problems which I told him about run on my mom's side of the family. I started developing bunions at the age of 12 or so if you can believe it. I also have a wide foot that flattens and becomes wider when I stand.

My OS said I have too much mobility in the feet and hence the return of the bunions after the first surgery 21 yrs ago. Another podiatrist that I had consulted with before going through this surgery had said the same thing and that the weight of two pregnancies along the way could contribute to my bones shifting. I consulted with 3 podiatrists (including the original) before being referred to my OS.

He (OS) told me what type of surgery he was going to do, asked if I had any questions ( stupid me was more concerned about how much time I would be off my feet and the help I would need around the house and help with the kids that I did not ask alot about the surgery), he told me about the risks (non-union, infection, and I can't remember the third), he repeated the risks twice to me, and told me I could look up the Lapidus procedure to find out more info. on it.

He is a super busy guy, very friendly and a good sense of humour and I know my emails tend to be a bit long winded (like this post :) ), so I know he can't give me all the details I want on his BB when he responds, which he does so in a timely manner.

WHEW! I guess I can't expect that much considering all things when I am only 7 wks post-op tomorrow. I am trying not to limp. One Dr. online even suggested walking backwards to prevent a limp when walking trains you to walk properly.

Also, I was non-weight bearing for 6 wks in thick bandages (no cast, no cam walker) just the velcro hard-soled shoe. He allowed me during this time to put weight on the heels to go to the washroom, get something to eat, etc. most of the time I sat on a walker and moved around with my heels or on my bum and heels to go to the washroom in the middle of the night :dizzy:

My feet feel good except that the right has also been the problem foot in that it has always hurt more even during healing ( I think it was worse pre-surgery) as he told me on surgery day that he thought he might have to do a second osteotomy on one of the feet as well as the Lapidus. Turned out he didn't have to do it afterall, which he said he was happy about.

The feet look great, toes are completely straight, no bunions, and I am currently wearing toe spacers unitl I see him next wk.
I just find with the right foot, I am angling a bit towards the middle/outer edge of the foot and the big toe doesn't quite touch the ground (the left foot does and more mobility in the big toe). I'm afraid to put pressure on that part of the foot (big toe and padding under that area), as there is some pain still, so again, this causes an imbalance, improper gait and then pain in other parts of the foot like the heal and outer area as well as ankle.....

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