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I have had foot pain for so long, that I don't know what it is to be without it. I am 60 yrs old, and in good health. I am a massage therapist and DH and i are avid cyclist. (not hard core.) We ride a recumbent, tandem, tadpole, trike, have ridden over 1000 miles this season, including a 6 day, 283 mile tour across our state.
3 years ago I started having pain in the ball of my foot, behind my toes. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, he put me in orthodics and told me I would eventually need to seriously look at surgery on both feet.
My foot pain has gotten worse, especially since we started cycling. Recumbent cyclist and trikers, often complain of numb foot or hot foot. I wear biking sandals when I ride, so can't wear the orthodics, other cycling shoes are too narrow for me. I have numb foot and hot foot often, and sometimes need to stop and let the feeling come back to my feet, before continuing on a ride. We ride clipped in, and the clips hit my feet, right where the pain is. I have tried switching to a better pedal, and it did help some, but after riding about 600 miles with those pedals, the problem is back, worse than it was before.
After our last ride of 26 miles. I could hardly walk when I took my biking sandals off. I got some relief when i put on my athlectic shoes with the orthodics in.
The pain in the balls of my feet is pretty constant, even when I am sitting. It is much less when I am sitting then when we ride. It is at it's worst after a ride, but I don't want to give up riding, it is one of our favorite things to do.
Went to see a sports medicine podiatrist, he diagnosed me with Morton's Neuroma in both feet and recommended surgery to remove the entrapped nerve, and a bunionectomy. (one foot at a time, didn't mention how long between feet.)
He said he had the surgery done and was training for a triathalon 9 weeks later. That seems a bit unrealistic to me. I want to be able to ride again in the spring and be in shape for our tour across the state in June. Is it realistic to be able to expect to start training in March or April of 2012?
I am wondering how far apart to schedule the surgery on the other foot? Seems like many wait a year, what do they do about shoes fitting during that time? How long does it take for the foot that had the surgery to return to normal?
After reading about how awful the recovery from this surgery is, and watching my mom got through it, (only to have her bunion reoccur) I dread having it done at all, but my feet are in such misery, I don't feel I can put it off much longer.
DH and I want to cycle across the US when we retire in a few years, and I want my feet to be OK to do that. Sorry to ramble on so, but i wanted to cover everything.
Any and all input is appreciated. I haven't scheduled the surgery yet, I have a huge list of questions for the Dr first.

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