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Has anyone experienced a "broken capsule" at the base of the big toe and the next largest toe that needed surgery? My background, in brief:

Modified Keller arthroplasty in Dec 2006 removed some bone on right big toe (doctor said i had no cartilage left in joint at all). Recovered and could walk again but next toe to big toe started to migrate over to take place of big toe. Doctor said my "capsule broke."

Over the next few years walking began to hurt a lot. I went in last fall to get new insoles, thinking that would help, and after a new X-ray, instead I got a recommendation for a different surgeon to work on my poor foot.

So in late January, I had the navicular accessory bone removed, my heel moved over, several bone grafts and pins etc, as he repaired the back of my foot. That involved six weeks NWB in a cast and then six weeks in a boot and PT. I regained my ability to walk but had enough pain that I could only manage two miles at most (and I am usually a big hiker even though I am now 60).

My young surgeon had originally told me I also needed to have the big toe fused and the capsule area fixed, which is actually the biggest challenge, according to him, but I couldn't do it all at once because I couldn't heal properly. So I opted to do this second part in Nov and here I am.

So I am facing another six weeks in a cast and six weeks in a boot (Christmas on crutches) but he says less physical therapy needed this time afterwards. I see him later this week to discuss in detail his plans but I am both looking forward to getting it done and am anxious about having the operation (again).

I have worked hard to get the house in order before I am stuck in bed, since we expect all six of the kids to come at Christmas (two merged families), and I am almost done with my Christmas gift bags for everyone--have some packages to ready to mail. Surreal to be so ahead on everything but necessary.

Anyway, anyone know what it is like to have the front of your foot get these procedures? I can barely move my big toe now so losing its movement won't bother me much, hopefully. I just want to walk pain free again.

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