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Hi all. I am 5 weeks Oostende lapidus surgery and hammertoe correction. My doctor says full NWB till 10 weeks?? This seems crazy long. He originally said 8 weeks but thinks 10 weeks is safer. Ugh. I am so frustrated. I have an infection on the incision from swelling so badly-it ripped the incision open. He says no PT till I am fully walking, I was hoping to start soon. Anyone have similar experience or a great outcome? I am really wishing i had never done the surgery.
I understand your frustration so well as I had a bunionectomy and 2nd metatarsal osteotomy 4 months ago and I am STILL not able to weight bear! Like yourself, I got an infection and it burst the incisions open.
I had to wait for the infection to clear and the incisions to heal before I could start to undergo PT. You cannot start PT until the incisions heal fully because PT can be quite forceful and you dont want to go ripping up the scar again. My infection also caused major scar contracture inside the foot and this lead to more pain, swelling and deformity.
I recently had further surgery to manually break up scar tissue and am undergoing intensive PT. I really do sympathise with how you are feeling and know how frustrating it is not being able to do the simplest of tasks without great effort! I feel like a caged lion stuck indoors and am worrying about how I am going to cope with xmas shopping and stuff.
Are you on crutches, do you have a wheelchair you can get around in for now? What type of infection did you have and did they treat it with antobiotics?
My consultant told me I am looking at another 8-12 months before I am fully recovered. I found that hard to accept at first but now I realise theres no easy way to get to that end result. It is such a cliche but time is a great healer.
Let me know how you are getting on :)
Oh I am so so happy to connect with someone going thru a similar experience! Wow, 8-12 months till you are back to normal? The longer this goes i fear I am on the same path.

I hope I don't bombard you too much with my questions! What was the treatment for your infection? I am on amoxicillin for now. My doctor took a culture yesterday and may change my antibiotics if necessary or have me get some IV antibiotics. What did your infection look like? As of now mine is a little red and has a few open spots almost like blisters, I am soaking it in cold water with epson salt per dr instructions.

Ok more questions :). Do you go out and about and do any errands while NWB or do you strictly stay home? I am going a little batty and am hoping once my infection clears up I can do a few quick errands a week (I have 3 kids ages 6,9 and 12 and need to do things like dentist spots etc). I can't imagine being house and couch bound for 10 full weeks?.

My dr did say no PT until I start walking at 10 weeks which scares me b/c I feel it will be too late at that point but he assures me it's fine.

Thanks so much for posting and answering my questions!!

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