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Last Friday, I hurt my left knee when I knocked down in a freak accident. The knee was swollen, cut up and pretty darn painful. By the next day, most of my leg from the knee cap to the top of my ankle showed signs of bruising. The swelling went down by Monday and the leg feels pretty good. Most of the leg brusing has disappeared. I have noticed some brusing toward to bottom of both sides of my foot but folks have told me that is normal. Anyway....when I got home from work today and noticed that my ankle was somewhat swollen. There is no reddness and no pain. I feel pretty good other than wondering whats going on with the ankle. I tend to worry about things and don't like doctor's offices unless they are necessary. I felt that things were healing nicely though this makes me worry a little bit. Does this sound normal? Could this be a sign of a more serious issue or is this par for the course? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! :angel:

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