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Re: Subtalar Fusion
Jan 21, 2012
[QUOTE=SeanBevan;4884099]I recently had a subtalar fusion operation around about 4 weeks ago and I am still in a cast. I had been waiting 2 years until they could diagnose the problem using radioactive injections and some steroids injected into different places within my foot. It was then diagnosed that my subtalar joint was the cause of the pain. I have a random medical disease which is called distal arthrogryposis multiplex congenita which consists of problems within the hands and feet. After the operation I was then told my ankle joint was completely shattered but I still managed to walk on it for about a year, they then told me I had a femerol head allo graft from my leg to use and they fused it using a 7cm steel rod.

However, I am nearing the 6 week deadline of having my cast of and moving on to a weight bearing cast but my foot feels like it did when I had it done, my cast become very loose where it feels like it is just sliding up and down my leg. This had made it hurt quite alot is this normal or is this something I should be worrying about ?

Also is there anyone who have had this operation and have smoked throughout it or through some of it ?


Please Give Your Opinions as this is important[/QUOTE]

Hello there ihad a subtular fusion done june 2011 on my left foot,i have ligamentous laxity i had extra bones in my feet causing me to have flat feet.

I had to have a bone rmoval for each foot befor a subtular was concidered as the bones as not he caus f the pain.
:dizzy:so they tried steroid injection for pain relief this dint work either. So a subtular fusion was my only option, iv had tohave a bone graft from pelvis to fuse to my foot very very painful in its self:o

I was in plaster for 13 weeks, as foots not fused, its now beeen 7MONTHS :confused: and they said the bones in my feeet zre very weak and brittle i am now back on the waiting list for another fusion which hopefully works.

I should be in by april 11th as im on a 18 week waiting list.

How are you now?
Yes ive smoked threw out it all

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