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I went yesterday to an ortho surgeon to schedule some bunionectomies. While I was there, he told me that I also have morton's foot and that it's common for people with morton's foot to also have bunions. I didn't ask more about it b/c I've always know that my second toe is longer than my first and I actually kind of prefer the way it looks to a shorter second toe.

Anyway, I googled morton's foot when I got home (because curiosity got to me) and I found out that morton's foot can lead to a host of other muscoloskeletal problems because of the way it makes you walk: functionally short leg, dropped hip, lateral curve in the lumbar spine, a forward head position, headcahes, and TMJ were all listed as possible issues resulting from morton's foot.

This blew my mind because I have every. single. one. of those issues. I have had chronic pain for 10+ years due to all these issuses. The tilt in my pelvis prevented me from having a vaginal childbirth. The curve in my lumbar spine has resulted in 2 bulging discs and a bone spur, and my forward head position means that I have chronic muscle tension in my shoulders and tension headaches. I have been seeing a chiro for a few years and that has provided some relief. But it's amazing to know why I might have had all these issues. And it's got me wondering if fixing the morton's toe issue would make it possible for me to have these other issues corrected. I'm going to be calling my surgeon today to schedule my bunionectomy. I will ask about it when I call. I'll also be talking to my chiro about it when I go in on Thursday.

In the mean time, does anyone here have any experience with morton's foot and resulting muscoloskeletal issues??

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