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Hoping not, but I've yet to find a description that is the same as mine. I'm 40 years old and for the last 20+ years I've had an issue with burning and sweating of the soles of my feet. It's not specific to a certain time of day but it is very much linked to wearing shoes. If I'm barefoot or wearing sandals I generally have no issue at all. As soon as I slip into a pair of socks and shoes my feet start to complain. The extent of the discomfort varies, certainly by particular shoes, although I've never been able to find which shoes are better than others. I now wear only Geox breathable shoes but it makes either no difference or very little difference. Wearing business type leather shoes or sneaker/trainer shoes seems to make it intolerable. Often, it can be a matter of minutes before the soles of the feet start to burn and sweat. In a very short time I may have a strong urge to remove my shoes. This will always result in relief with my socks drying after a few minutes. The soles of my feet will be red and the temperature elevated to a point where it is hot to touch. My feet have always been flat but I'm not sure that's relevant or not as I'm sure all people with flat feet don't suffer the way I do. It's quite a debilitating problem as going without shoes as a businessman who works in an office, travels often etc is simply not an option. I've tried everything from acupuncture to iontopheresis, and pretty much all other remedies in between. I'm not diabetic, I don't have a vitamin deficiency and I don't think it's an allergy or athlete foot type condition. My feet look very healthy and they never have a bad odour. The sweat is very watery [like a sweaty palms type of sweat] and dries very quickly when out of shoes. When wearing shoes it's as though my feet can't breathe and just heat up and sweat as a reaction of some kind. I'm about to try Botox as I know this can be a temporary cure for hyperhydrosis. I'm pretty sure the sweating is a symptom of something else but if the soles don't sweat I think the discomfort could be lessened. Maybe it will also help with the burning but I can't be sure. if anyone reading this has a similar problem or could suggest what could be causing this lifelong problem I'd love to hear from you.

I would have guessed a b12 deficiency however you said you're not deficient. Have you looked up Reynaud's syndrome? My daughter has that. She says it can feel like her feet are burning when in reality they're recovering from being unusually cold. She has very sweaty feet and they can be quite smelly too...not sure if that's an issue for you. She also has very flat feet.
I would start with a podiatrist, or perhaps even a neurologist. I see that someone posted to you about Raynauds - another consideration to think of. I also wonder if it's the nerves of (or near) the foot. Just giving you some ideas - I'm not a dr.

I also get intensely red on the bottom of my heel area and up to mid part of foot - that happened after my neuroma surgeries which did affect the circulation somewhat. Yet, I also remember one morning waking up with the strangest prickly sensation in my foot - came from doing too much of an exercise -pressed on a nerve area - it did also burn. It's calmed down since. That's what made me think of the neurological aspect.

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