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I know u said don't have to thank you but u have no idea what u have done for me! I a, so very very sorry for what u r and have been going thru! Awful!! I don't know how u r hanging in there, truly! U r one brave person! No one can understand unless u r going thru it. My husband just said why don't we just heat our jacuzzi? Duh. Way less to heat and I can walk in that. U r the best! I am taking all your advice! Will start jacuzzi walking tonite. Made appt with surgeon for tomorrow with all going on. I will b asking lots of questions and demanding answers for a change. One more question. How long days or weeks were u walking bits in the boot before tried walking without it?
Thanks...not brave though, just playing the cards I've been dealt. (trust me, I have/do cry a lot) my husband has been great, but admittedly doesn't understand what's its like to go through this.

We have a jacuzzi tub and I asked my surgeon about that and he said the warm water would be good when lying there for my ROM exercises but he said wouldn't be as helpful for the walking since the water would not be deep enough. He said at least waist high was best and not sure how deep yours is, but my jacuzzi tub, even when full only goes past my knees, lol. If you have a bigger/deeper one it could work! Just check that your incisions are completely closed and might want to run this by your doc to make sure he is ok with you submersing your foot at this point...just to be on the safe side.

Hmm, after my 6 week nwb period after drilling it was about a month before I got out of the boot and was then given a lace up brace which I was in for awhile...and then they realized it didn't work. Then had OATS and started the whole process over again...(sigh) lol...

Good luck at your appt tomorrow. Write down your questions and ask for a copy of your OR notes. Those will tell you a lot as well.

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