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Hey Sore Left Foot, Im healing right foot! :)
I just had triple arthrodesis on my right foot on Nov 15, 2011 in Edmonton. I was really quite concerned about this as well as i am only 26 and have always been quite active. Unfortunately i dont have a cool story about mine but just born with my ankle already naturally partialy fused from birth. At 18 it started flaring up and swelling and finally decided to get it done. I just started walking on it in a walking cast at the end of december and its amazing! * years of limping and pain to absolutely nothing. To answer your questions. First, get off pain killers as soon as possible. I work law enforcement and unfortunately deal with those who become addicted because of the oxycodone in the perkaset. I had surgery on a tuesday, was out of hospital on thursday and completely done with taking pain killers on Saturday. The pain is no where near as scary as i thought (had never had surgery until now). the worst for pain will be a period of a couple weeks when sleeping due to swelling. Keep your foot elevated in the bed with pillows to reduce swelling. For the first couple weeks they will have u in hard cast and want u laid out as much as possible. I passed the time with a laptop (wireless internet) my TV (netflix is amazing) and many many video games (Playstation 3). Make sure while laying down u wiggle ur toes every couple hours as it helps to keep the foot looser. After that you can crutch around at ur own pace (dont over do it). Now i am in a walking case and can fully wieght bear on it....SO HAPPY! I go in on thursday for my xray to see if the graft was successful ( oh yeah i had a bone graft from my hip).
Its definately the best decision i have ever made even though im not fully healed yet. Let me know if you have any more questions since im going thought it right now :)


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