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It seems like the people on this board will know how to advise friends and family don't know what to say!

I am a mother with an 18 month old toddler. I have a helpful, wonderful husband but we both work. Right after the surgery my son will be able to go to day care during the day while I recuperate at home. My husband will drop him off and pick him up. My work is very understanding, and I will have the time I need to convalesce, but I'm concerned about picking my son up, putting him in the carseat or crib, bathing him, and other movements that are required for his daily care.

Will my husband be doing it all for a while? Would anyone recommend that I wait a few years? We would like to try for another baby later this year. (I am 33 and my husband is 42 so we'd like to do it sooner rather than later!) I'm worried about another pregnancy with foot pain. I was hobbling and complaining for the last few months and would have been grateful for a wheelchair.

Furthermore, I work in solar project management...I do a decent amount of walking, a great deal of driving, and I'm occasionally up on roofs at job sites. I'm pretty worried about my return to work. I can stay off of roofs for a while, but I need to be able to drive and I won't be able to elevate until I get home. Any ideas about how soon I can return?

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