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I've posted a few times about the ongoing problems I'm having since my calcaneal osteotomy and modified brostrom repair. I'm one year out from the original surgery and saw my doc today for the first time in 180 days (due to pre-existing condition clause with my insurance). He said the burning pain I get in the back of my ankle is most likely caused by the screws and wants to remove them. Since my achilles continues to swell and be painful, he has ordered an MRI next week to make sure it is not deteriorating. If it looks okay, he will extend the incision up to my achilles to clean out any fragments etc. Since I have also been having pain on the lateral side of my foot where he cut the heel, he would like to go in and shave some of the bone down as well.

When I had the surgery last year, it was outpatient and the nerve block lasted about 30 hours. The norco and oxy I was on did not help with the pain and I ended up in the emergency room for 8 hours (they couldn't get it under control) and then the hospital for 5 days. As a precaution, my doctor would like to do this surgery in the hospital and plan on me staying until the nerve block wears off to make sure we can control the pain.

1. Has anyone had the screws removed after a calcaneal osteotomy?
2. How was the pain after?
3. What was the recovery process (nwb?, how long?, etc.?)
4. Has anyone had bone shaved before?

Thanks for your input. My last experience with surgery was a nightmare so I'm a bit nervous.

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