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What's wrong??
Mar 25, 2012
Very frustrated with my feet. Problems started 3 years ago, had swelling and pain in foot/ ankle. Work on feet all day by midday could barely walk. Only thing podiatrist came up with was tendonitis in posterior tibial tendon. I have congential flat feet and I think it overpronation. Anyways saw him for over 6 months til money ran out and in the end could at least make it through day at work. Through it all tried soft brace/ antiflammatory, which did nothing. Tried PT, which made it worse. Had a boot (cam walker?) and off work 3 week, this help but only til went back to work. Had MRI which I guess showed only inflammation no tears. Finally thing he recommened was AFO (richie brace?) Which I got tried for over 2 monthes to get used to using their instructions, but this caused more pain than not using it. Finally decided to live with pain, could make it through work day with not much issues.

Over last 3 years it has gotten worse? or changed a bit. I have trouble walking on uneven surfaces, climbing stairs and going down them is a challenge. Foot/ ankle still swells. Starting mid day again. Now I also have pain in top of foot and where ankle meets legs. It feels like someone is standing on it in high heels. Also have bits of pain in small toe area. When sitting my foot cramps and cant bend in back and forth.

Finally went back to Podiatrist 3 weeks ago, and see him again next week. He did xrays and sent me for a ct scan. gave me and aircast brace, steriod, and nsaid. He said achilles was spasming which is causing cramping. sent me for ct scan cause it looked in xray like bones might be fused. first couple days with steroid and nsaid was feeling great, now it feels better but some of pain is returning( still taking nsaid but steroid is done).

Very concerned what might come next. Whether he will try conservative route or more.

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