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[QUOTE=Hollywood48;4954436]Actually I elected NOT to have a nerve block which didn't matter b/c my doctor doesn't routinely have them done for his patients. I didn't have one after my first surgery either. I did fine with pain meds every 4 hours ATC for the first 3-4 days and then backed off from there. My reasons against it were that I have seen what nerve damage can happen when they go wrong (I'm an RN) and I didn't have that surge of pain when they wear off that so many people report. But that is just MY opinion and MY reasons and you need to do what you and your doctor feel is best! Just wanted to let you know from my perspective since I'm one of the few who hasn't gotten one! :)[/QUOTE]

I read all that about the nerve block...very scary with the risks. I've had it done twice and been fine but again, there definitely are risks!

It was the calcaneal osteotomy that was so painful for me. I didn't even feel pain from my brostrom or recession, all I could feel was the burning hot misery in my heel. Either way, I hope you are being kept in the hospital to make sure you can control the meds with pills only. My osteotomy was outpatient and my nerve block lasted 30 hours. I was on both Oxy and Norco when it wore off yet I ended up back in the ER for 8 hours and then the hospital for 5 days because we couldn't control the pain. I was more of a worst case scenario but I recommend that you err on the side of caution.

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