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Top of foot pain
Apr 3, 2012
I am 33, I had a 3rd degree right ankle sprain almost two years ago. I got back to 100% after 6 months or so of rehab. I had been playing basketball once a week, taping my ankles for support. Two months ago the top of my right foot starting hurting after running. When I drive a car it irritates it, any kind of vibration causes a shot of pain, such as going over a speed bump or dragging a chair across a hardwood floor when my right foot is on the ground. I can move my ankle in any direction with no pain, there has been no swelling. About two weeks ago I went in a boot and the top of my left foot down to my toes began hurting. I don't have the "vibration pain" in the left foot but the top of foot pain is there. I had a cortisone shot in the right foot with no results. I saw a neurologist who said my nerves seemed normal after doing some tests.
My calf muscles are tight but I can't imagine that is causing all my trouble.
X-ray's are normal, blood work is normal, MRI is coming up next week.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your response. My podiatrist said my symptoms were unusual and thought the boot would help, since I only wore the boot one week because my left foot starting hurting while in it I don't know if that would have made a difference. I have the MRI tomorrow and see the podiatrist again Monday.
The majority of the pain is the top of the foot right where my leg meets the foot. Most is on the top of the foot and sometimes creeps down the outside of foot, but never to the sole or heel. The pain began one and a half years after 3rd degree sprain. I have not had any swelling at all and there is not an area that is very tender. If I am sitting down I can move my foot in any direction without pain. It also does not hurt when I am in bed at night. If I go out on a basketball court and move around on the court it will cause pain, vibrations hurt like heck as well.
My left foot has top of foot pain all the way to the base of my toes but the vibration issue does not exist there, again that may be something strained from wearing the boot that hasn't healed.

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