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So, on Tuesday I went back to the ortho clinic, and he told me that I'm making progress, but he wants to ensure that I don't irritate it and take a step backward like I had the week before. He sent me back to work, although I'm still on sit-down work (and still on the most uncomfortable stool in the world *groan*) I'm still in the boot for 2 more weeks, and down to 1 crutch as well. He also thought I should start PT ASAP because I've got a lot of stiffness and still cannot move my foot more than a few centimeters in each direction. Most of the bruising has gone, except for my shin and the sole of my foot. I guess this spreading is normal.

Then Wednesday I started physical therapy. There wasn't a lot we could do because I was still only PWB and my foot/ankle are so stiff. He showed me some exercises I can do at home until next week, and manipulated my foot a little in order to stretch it. I seemed to tolerate everything pretty well, and have been doing my stretches. He also told me to try walking a little without the boot at home, 2-4 times a day. I tried doing that, and my ankle seems to be hurting a bit more today. It is also very hot, like a burning sensation. I have also felt very lethargic and tired all day, despite getting a decent amount of sleep and drinking 2 cups of coffee. Is this part of the normal healing process? ...or maybe I'm just coming down with something...hmm...

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