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Iwa, how are things going for you with your foot and the swelling? Still wearing the compression sock?

I went back to work on June 20th and worked for 5 days straight. My shifts were 5 - 6.5 hours but it's retail so add another 30 minutes on each day. I was ready to cut my feet off on day 5 but after a few days off things went back to "normal".

I'm in southern Ontario and like much of the US, it's been a lot more hot & humid than normal so no matter what I do I can't get the swelling in my foot to decrease - I wrap it in a tensor bandage, foot baths, icing and elevating. Before I went back to work I was going to buy a compression sock but as soon as I got it over my foot I had to take it right off because of the pressure it was putting on my big toe. I settled for an open toe ankle sock which worked great for the first 2 days. By the third day of work my foot was swelling up before my shift was over and since the sock seam stopped on my incision it wasn't comfortable. :(

Anyway, I saw my dr on the 28th of June (7 weeks post op) and he said that my bone was healing nicely but I'd have to continue to wear the toe splint each night for the next 7 weeks as the tendon will want to pull the toe back over. I told him that I have no movement in my toe and the top and side are still numb - he said it all comes back in time. Not the answer I wanted and I guess it showed in my dumbstruck facial expression. So, his PT advice is for me to grab my toe and move it up/down until the point I feel pain. And do it multiple times a day. Great.... I guess I'm a wimp when putting myself through pain but I can deal with it when someone else makes me do it. lol

He also told me that I should be wearing my running shoe now and don't need to wear the velcro shoe. I tried. :( After 2 hours at work I had to take my runner off and put on the velcro shoe. Even with my orthotics I couldn't handle the pain in my toe/bottom of my foot & back. Not to mention the swelling.

So in a nutshell, I'm now just over 8 weeks post op and I think things are going good with the healing of my toe anyway. It's just the swelling that I have a problem with and as long as we have these high temperatures there's nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately when my foot is swollen I walk on the outside of my foot and since I have very little padding on my feet, the bottoms hurt.

What is everyone else doing to keep the swelling down? Do you have any suggestions for lotions/creams that help soothe feet? Anything at all. lol

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